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With active participation in the boundary-scan market since 1991, Corelis has utilized its experience and expertise to develop a clear, concise and easy-to-use product line. Our boundary-scan tools, product training, and consulting services have been provided to thousands of customers around the world. This overview provides a brief description of the JTAG boundary-scan software and hardware products available from Corelis.

ScanExpress JTAG Test and Programming Software



Corelis offers an extensive line of ScanExpress software modules that can be custom tailored to create the right boundary-scan package for any user. Corelis' ScanExpress software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 as well as all of Corelis' hardware platforms.

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JTAG Test and Programming Hardware



Corelis JTAG controllers and modules work in conjunction with Corelis software offering a fully integrated development environment that includes test program generation, test program execution, In-System Programming, and productivity enhancing utilities.

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JTAG Test and Programming Software and Hardware Bundles



Corelis offers a large variety of standardized boundary-scan hardware and software bundles that cover the majority of usage cases for our users: from full development stations, to go/no-go production stations, and even programming only stations-we have the right solution to fit your requirements.

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JTAG Starter Kit



Corelis offers an intuitive, easy-to-use software application is filled with powerful and useful tools that make hardware debug both enjoyable and cost effective. The interactive toolkit provides complete, real-time circuit visualization effectively eliminating the complexity of troubleshooting and debugging boards.

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Runner-Lite is a free test executive tool for performing boundary-scan tests, JTAG Embedded Tests (JET), and in-system device programming using pre-generated test plan files built for specific reference boards. Based on ScanExpress Runner, the executive member of Corelis' full-featured ScanExpress software suite, Runner-Lite offers a simple and more streamlined user interface to allow execution of downloadable test plan files designed and made available through Corelis.

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Corelis Software/Hardware Flowchart

Diagram of ScanExpress Software
ScanExpress JET or TPG with Runner and optional software packages
This diagram represents how ScanExpress software works together in providing a solution optimally geared according to your needs.  Click on the diagram to visit individual software/hardware pages, or use the links below.

  • ScanExpress TPG
  • ScanExpress JET
  • ScanExpress DFT Analyzer
  • ScanExpress Merge
  • ScanExpress Runner
  • ScanExpress Runner Gang
  • ScanExpress ADO
  • ScanExpress RunnerClick
  • ScanExpress Viewer
  • ScanExpress Debugger
  • ScanExpress Programmer
  • ScanExpress Flash Generator


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