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What is JTAG?

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Boundary-Scan Test &

Interconnect testing & In-System Programming systems,
custom-tailored to create the right boundary-scan package for any user.

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JTAG Starter Kit

JTAG Analyzer & Toolkit,
Powerful Scripting Language & API,
& High-Speed USB Controller

Boundary-Scan Toolkit Bundle Includes:

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JTAG Interrogator

Affordable Solution for JTAG Semiconductor Identification:

Scan Chain Verification,
Identify Old-Revision & Fraudulent Parts
Simple to Use Software & Hardware Interface

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Leading Provider of JTAG Boundary Scan Solutions

Corelis offers a complete JTAG (boundary-scan) printed circuit board (PCB) test solution, called ScanExpress, for both structural and functional testing, as well as in-system programming. Request a quote.


Industry Solutions

Corelis has solutions for all industries that design, manufacture, and maintain complex electronic systems. Telecommunications, Automotive, Defense & Aerospace, Medical & Health Care, Industrial, General Electronics, and more.


JTAG Applications

Analyze design-for-testability during product development, execute functional tests on a first-run prototype, identify and diagnose post-assembly structural faults during manufacturing, program flash memory in the field, and more.

JTAG Test & Programming

JTAG Test and Programming

Corelis’ ScanExpress™ boundary-scan products offer complete test and verification solutions for prototype debug, production manufacturing, and In-System Programming of CPLDs and Flash memories.

Bus Analyzer

Bus Analyzers and Exercisers

Corelis serial bus analyzer, exerciser, and host adapter products offer unparalleled analysis, test, in-system-programming, and debug capabilities for product development, system integration, and manufacturing of circuit board assemblies.


Emulation Tools

Blackhawk is a leader in hardware and software development tools for Texas Instruments DSP platforms. The next-generation Blackhawk USB560v2 JTAG Emulator supports the latest TI devices and is also compatible with Corelis’ ScanExpress™ software suite.

JTAG Interrogator

Anti-Counterfeiting JTAG Software

The Corelis JTAG Interrogator software is Corelis’ newest affordable JTAG application for semiconductor verification. JTAG Interrogator can identify key parameters of IEEE-1149.1 compliant systems to aid in the detection and reporting or counterfeit semiconductors.

Corelis Inc. is located in Cerritos, California. A subsidiary of Electronic Warfare Associates, Inc., Corelis offers bus analysis tools, embedded test tools, and the industry’s broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service. Soon after its inception in 1991, Corelis’ innovation in bus analysis tools and in JTAG/Boundary-scan Test solutions ultimately resulted in acceptance as a major and preferred vendor of test tools worldwide.

Corelis offers a complete product line of JTAG (boundary-scan) circuit board testing tools, called ScanExpress, for interconnect testing and JTAG in-system programming. Corelis software integrates with a wide selection of JTAG (boundary-scan) hardware controllers, including PCI, PCI Express, USB 2.0, Ethernet/LAN, PXI/cPCI and VXI, with price and performance to meet your specific requirements.

To consistently produce innovative, timely and the highest quality technology in support of our customer’s testing and development requirements through a broad range of applications and services that are clearly differentiated from the rest. Corelis fosters an empowered work environment that promotes innovation, excellence and an ardent sense of commitment to our customers.

EWA, Inc., is a broad-based technology company providing professional services and specialized products to both U.S. and foreign customers. Committed to quality and customer support, EWA prides itself on overcoming technological challenges, delivering on-time for its customers, and providing continuing service.

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