A Letter from David Mason

David became the CEO of Corelis in May 2018, after spending more than the past 20+ years of his professional career working on the East Coast in the technology industry.

In its 29th year, Corelis has become a trusted company that is entirely about the business of developing outstanding technology and tools that help other companies ensure that the electronic products they develop and manufacture for their customers, work – and work well. We take pride in helping our customers meet the challenge of testing their products so that they are reliable once they are manufactured efficiently and reach their customers’ hands. Offering the very best-in-class boundary-scan, JTAG embedded test (JET), and bus analyzer tools serving customers worldwide, Corelis is always striving excellence in what we do. Corelis is the one company that technology companies and electronic manufactures can turn to for help to solve their toughest challenges faced during embedded testing.

At Corelis, we understand that growth within the boundary-scan market is grounded in technology that spans across multiple market segments and industries. And we also know that companies within these market segments are continually innovating — always in the mode of creating new ideas and manufacturing more complex products and electronic systems for the world to use.  As they innovate, create, and develop, Corelis is innovating, creating, and developing ahead of them, so that we can meet them precisely at the point of their need.

Over the past two years, since I have been leading Corelis, we have demonstrated our tremendous potential, and ability to bring products to market that are nothing short of excellence in the boundary-scan industry. As the leader of our vision for our company, I see Corelis as an incubator for innovative test and debugging solutions and as a problem solver for our customers. These customers rely on our technology to help enable their businesses to succeed. Our enthusiasm for growth and sustainability as a boundary-scan solution provider drives us to challenge and explore our ideas, always.  And through exploration, we create new technologies and products for existing markets as well as new addressable markets that have not previously used boundary-scan. The strength of our business model will guide our business as we balance resources with integrated initiatives and goals. Most importantly, we are committed to our core values of excellence and service to our customers, because we regard every customer as a partner.

Although boundary-scan was developed in the early ’90s, it is again emerging as a technology of choice for many companies. This re-emergence is mainly due to the complexity and proliferation of electronics in every aspect of our daily lives.  Electronics designs today are decreasing in size while increasing in functionality and are requiring more processing speed.  This increase in functionality and the need for more processing power adds to the complexity of semiconductor devices.  The semiconductor industry lives – and dies – by a simple creed: smaller, faster, and cheaper; this means smaller packaging; more semiconductors companies are going to ball grid array (BGA) packaging as a solution to the challenge. Corelis customers can use boundary-scan and our JET products to help in multiple stages of the lifecycle of electronic products.  It can be used in the debugging phase, the manufacturing phase, as well as during field services to perform software upgrades, update flash ROM, or reprogramming CPLDs or FPGAs. It can also serve as the basis of a fault diagnostic feature to quickly pinpoint problems.

The future of boundary-scan is vast and bright. And, as the evolution of this technology continues, Corelis is leading the way by strengthening our position as a leader in the industry, with embedded testing tools and solutions that accelerate the design process and improve the reliability of our customers’ products. We believe that our job is to help our customers and partners improve the quality of their products by offering cost-effective, test solutions and products that engineers and contract manufacturers can master with minimal training.  With our customers squarely in our sight, we are improving our product portfolio, sales and distribution channels, and our team of employees — building a success story for every Corelis customer and partner.

As we continue to strive for excellence, Corelis, our partnerships with our customers, are the fabric and soul of our business. We are committed to seizing every great opportunity that we can to develop bold strategic alliances and to collaborate with other forward-thinking technology companies and innovators in the world of boundary-scan.

Our dedication to our customers and our vision for the future as we work to deliver excellent and comprehensive boundary-scan solutions that can benefit from and on which they can depend, with confidence.

Thank you for your interest and support. I am humbled by the opportunity to guide Corelis into the future and towards new levels of success!

My best to all,

David Mason, MBA, MSEE

President and CEO

Published On: August 20, 2020Categories: Press Release

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