In a world of innovation in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, think about how far we have come in technology. Now imagine where we are going to take it.

Formerly, cars were mostly mechanical, metal linkages, with oil bath filters, and internal combustion. Today, cars are sophisticated industrial achievements. They come manufactured with outstanding safety features, intricate navigation systems, variable-valve timing and lift technology, with the capacity to make imperative decisions, and self- drive. These innovative developments require high-level boundary-scan, at speed, non-intrusive functional testing, ideal for advancing the quality of your product and value of your brand into the future of automotive.

car img1 3 - Corelis ScanExpress JET for Automotive

Product Features

  • Enhanced testing of CPU-based electronic modules using the JTAG debug/emulation port
  • CPU-assisted, at-speed test routines are downloaded via JTAG into CPU cache memory or external RAM for optimal performance
  • JTAG embedded tests can be combined with boundary-scan structural tests for extended test coverage
  • Automatic generation of functional tests for common RAM and flash, including in-system-programming
  • “C”-style command script language with single-step capability for custom test sequences
  • Extended coverage beyond boundary-scan for all CPUaccessible resources Large, ever-expanding library of supported processors
  • Automatically constructs test plans for integration into the ScanExpress RunnerTM test execution sequencer (sold separately)
  • Support for multiple CPU architectures using the same software and hardware interface


  • Improves module test coverage and fault diagnostics
  • Dramatically reduces the time it takes to develop functional tests for CPU-based automotive systems
  • Reduces ICT usage and related fixture costs
  • Programs devices in-system up to theoretical CPU speeds
  • Helps identify why system modules don’t boot
  • Enables test coverage on electronic components with limited physical access

More about ScanExpress JET

ScanExpress JET automates at-speed functional test development for embedded system peripheral components that interface with an IEEE-1149.1 compatible CPU. Because it is non-intrusive, ScanExpress JET tests can be used to verify electronic assembly of automotive system modules without modifying the PCB circuitry or the on-board firmware, and may even be combined with traditional Corelis boundary-scan tests steps in a single test sequence.


The JET development system can be used across multiple CPU platforms using a built-in peripheral component library. Tests for standard components are automatically created, while the powerful diagnostic script engine provides test engineers with a platform for interacting with system registers as well as loading and executing embedded code. The JET script engine operates over a processor JTAG port to provide users simplified access to the following operations:

  • Run, Stop, and Step Function
  • Write to Registers & Memory
  • Read from Registers & Memory
  • Exchange Parameters with the JTAG Host
  • Display CPU Status

The host software automatically uses these features to download test & diagnostic routines into the CPU cache or external memory. These routines then execute at full processor speed and report results back to the host system.

img1 21 - Corelis ScanExpress JET for Automotive

The figure above depicts a Corelis single-TAP JTAG controller connected to a board with an embedded CPU, enabling atspeed functional testing of RAM, flash, and other interface peripherals.

Simple Connection to a
Unit-Under-Test (UUT)

JET requires a UUT with a JTAG-enabled processor and external access to its Test Access Port (TAP). A Corelis highspeed JTAG controller serves as the interface between the PC and the TAP interface. System boards typically include a single JTAG TAP connector dedicated to each CPU. This TAP is often used for JTAG–based software debug and can be leveraged for additional tests with ScanExpress JET. Boards may also include additional JTAG TAP connectors for boundary-scan test and in-system programming.


The ScanExpress JET system is also able to handle cases where more than one JTAG-compliant device is connected in a single scan chain, as well as systems with multiple TAP connections.

Supported Automotive Processors

Infineon AURIX™

Mobileye EyeQ3



Cyclone V SoC




and many more!

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