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Blackhawk is a leader in the design of DSP hardware and software development tools. The first to develop a USB to JTAG emulator for Texas Instruments XDS510-class devices and next-generation devices with the Blackhawk USB560 JTAG Emulator. The Blackhawk product line offerings range from basic, entry-level tools to the most advanced TI debug tools including our XDS560v2 System Trace Emulators.

In addition to emulation, Blackhawk provides bus analyzers and device programmers so developers have the right tools available for debug, programming and test. Blackhawk also features several emulation applications and utilities specifically geared to the embedded space as well as several different emulation adapters and pin converters (i.e. ARM, XDS560 Trace, System Trace). Everything you need to aid developers in the debug, programming and test of Texas Instruments embedded processors, various JTAG connections, and environmental conditions.

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JTAG Emulators

Blackhawk offers a wide range of Texas Instruments XDS Debug Probes (JTAG Emulators) to fit any budget or requirement. If you do not see a product listed that meets your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact Blackhawk Sales for further information on Blackhawk tools, products, and services. We will be glad to go over the different features and capabilities of our product line.
Emulator Products

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Adapters & Converters

Blackhawk provides numerous adapters and pin converters to support debugging of different JTAG connections and environments. This includes more than a dozen options to help connect your emulator to a target board JTAG header or isolation protection for your equipment, especially when debugging a new, untested board.
Adapters and Pin Converters

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JTAG Accessories

Blackhawk provides a quick and easy way to get additional or replacement parts. If you need another pin converter or power supply, they have it. Maybe you misplaced that JTAG cable or wore it out. Don’t worry, all accessories are available for purchase from an online store for quick delivery—just choose the shipping option that fits your needs.
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Software Apps & Utilities

Blackhawk provides JTAG emulation-related software applications and utilities to complement their product line. Whether you need to validate a debug configuration, test an emulator connection, or program one device after another, Blackhawk tools and solutions are designed to enable engineers to quickly and efficiently get their work done.
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