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Boundary-scan System with Expert Test Services

Corelis’ TestGenie bundles a ScanExpress boundary-scan execution system with expert test services to provide low cost, high value boundary-scan test using only a fraction of the investment required for traditional development & execution systems. TestGenie’s goal is to minimize risks associated with the investment in boundary-scan tests; risks that many companies are unable or unwilling to take.

Read on to learn how TestGenie helps growing companies incrementally add boundary-scan test capabilities using Corelis’ TestGenie bundled hardware, software, and test service system.

Corelis TestGenie Is Ideal for Growing Organizations

Growing organizations face significant challenges—not the least of which is expanding production capacity while keeping overhead costs low. Take for example a medium sized vendor of electronic equipment facing increased demand for their product. Increased demand means ramping up production and increased production requires more thorough and efficient processes, especially for an organization focused on providing reliable, high quality products. How can an organization improve test processes and meet test coverage requirements incrementally, with minimal upfront investment?

In-Circuit Test (ICT) is likely out of the question—the fixture costs alone would break the budget, not to mention the high cost of owning or leasing time on the machine. Flying probe systems can save cost by forgoing the fixture requirement, but probe access on modern products is limited. System printed circuit boards (PCBs) continue to get smaller and denser, resulting in modern systems packed with ball grid array (BGA) parts and no room for test points. Traditional, intrusive test methodologies are unable to test interconnects on these products, leaving boundary-scan—a non-intrusive board test method—as the main option.

TestGenie is designed to minimize risk for companies
looking to integrate boundary-scan testing into their process.
Even JTAG/boundary-scan tools—already a low cost alternative to ICT—can be a significant investment in both products and engineering resources. While a large company can justify dedicating staff to test development and maintenance with their product volumes, many smaller organizations cannot afford such luxury. For this reason Corelis offers TestGenie—a low-cost, turnkey test solution for organizations with time-to-market pressures, tight budgets, and limited engineering resources. TestGenie is a complete boundary-scan test system tailored to a particular electronic system design and packaged to be easy and convenient for any size company. By allowing the test experts at Corelis to take care of boundary-scan test development, organizations can keep their valuable engineers working on core product features while still maintaining high quality standards and fast production.

The Corelis TestGenie system was designed to be easily integrated into any test process. For example, a basic fixtureless test process may first test newly assembled electronic products for power-on faults, and then proceed to TestGenie boundary-scan tests for structural fault detection and diagnosis. The boundary-scan tests—depending on system complexity—will usually execute in a matter of seconds and can be followed by in-system programming within the same test procedure and without requiring an additional station. TestGenie also includes Corelis’ advanced diagnostics and viewer modules for quick identification and visualization of fault causes to expedite repairs.

TestGenie includes ScanExpress software modules for execution, fault diagnosis, and fault visualization.
Choosing the wrong test solution can result in product delays and costly engineering effort. TestGenie facilitates boundary-scan test with minimal effort and helps mid-size organizations to meet increasing product demand while minimizing the impact on schedule and resources. Corelis TestGenie brings high quality test capabilities with a wide variety of needs. As demand grows, TestGenie can grow too—additional test stations for the same product design are available at discounted rates to keep up with increased production without requiring a major investment.


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