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Corelis ScanExpress Systems for VDATS

We announced last week Corelis‘  inclusion as an optional component for Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS). Adding Corelis JTAG/boundary-scan capability to the VDATS system allows organizations to support JTAG-enabled systems with boundary-scan structural test, in-system-programming, and JTAG embedded functional test. Corelis JTAG is a perfect fit for VDATS–by limiting the pin interface to a simple JTAG TAP, boundary-scan capable systems provide immense value for structural test with minimal footprint, replacing more costly and physically massive systems with a simple and convenient test solution.


The standard VDATS configuration for Corelis ScanExpress JTAG support includes software and hardware components for test development and execution, including:

For more information about VDATS support or Corelis products, please contact us at sales@corelis.com.

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