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National Instruments HSDIO as a JTAG/Boundary-scan Controller

As a result of our relationship with National Instruments and hearing our customers’ needs, ScanExpress CD v7.6 adds support for using National Instruments High-Speed Digital IO instruments as a JTAG controller. The NI hardware works just like any other Corelis JTAG controller, including many advanced features.

Hardware Versions Supported
ScanExpress Tools support the 655x series of High Speed Digital IO modules from National Instruments.
PXI-6551 – 50 MHz Digital Stimulus/Response
PXI-6552 – 100 MHz Digital Stimulus/Response
PXIe-6556 – 200 MHz Digital Waveform Generator/Analyzer with PPMU

Software Versions Supported
ScanExpress CD 7.6 includes support for National Instruments HSDIO. The minimum application versions are:

  • ScanExpress Runner v6.10
  • ScanExpress TPG/Merge/JET v2.07
  • ScanExpress Debugger v5.07
  • ScanExpress Programmer v1.09

How it Works
When NI HSDIO hardware is detected in the PXI chassis, ScanExpress Runner (and other ScanExpress execution tools) will include an “NI-HSDIO” icon in the controller configuration screen. After selecting and configuring the NI HSDIO, a portion of the instrument’s pins will be dedicated to JTAG and allow for execution of Corelis JTAG tests. This includes:

  • 5 TAP signals (TCK, TMS, TDI, TDO, TRST)
  • 3 general purpose IO available to the ScanExpress application
  • Variable voltage (1.2V to 5.0V)
  • Up to 30 MHz operation
  • Boundary-scan tests, in-system programming, and JET (SPI and I2C direct programmer are not supported at this time)

Using the NI HSDIO as a JTAG controller allows simple, convenient integration of ScanExpress tests into National Instruments-based ATE systems, freeing up chassis space as well as reducing instrument costs and cabling complexity.

For more information and instructions for setting up the HSDIO for boundary-scan, see Application Note “AN 11-0913 Using NI HSDIO with ScanExpress Tools”.

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