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ScanExpress on a Mac

At our monthly free training this week, we saw something unusual–a Mac! While most of our customers tend to stick with PCs running Microsoft Windows, one of our users came in with a Macbook Pro and–to our delight–had ScanExpress software running flawlessly.

Figure 1: Macbook Pro running ScanExpress tools with a USB-1149.1/E controller.

Our intrepid individual used Parallels software to host Windows XP on a virtual machine. This not only enabled test development on the system, but through USB pass-through also allowed test execution on a USB-based scan controller. Since the hardware is still x86, the ScanExpress software still runs at high speed for excellent performance.

The same concept can be used for Linux-based machines as well, or even to run one Windows OS from within another. We often use VMWare in our software development and QA processes to rapidly set up different environments.

Do you use virtualization in your test development and execution tasks? Let us know!

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