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ScanExpress Software CD v8.1 is now available!

A new ScanExpress software CD has just been released featuring an updated ScanExpress Debugger application with new component visualization windows, making it easier than ever to use JTAG to troubleshoot and debug boards. The new component windows display the current status of each boundary-scan IO and can also be used to specify a state for that pin,including setting a pin to toggle continuously. Actions performed in component windows will be reflected in the pin grid interface and, using the continuous update mode, will be applied to the JTAG chain immediately.

ScanExpress Debugger v6.01

CD 8.1 also includes updates to many other ScanExpress applications, including new features in ScanExpress TPG and in-system-programming (ISP) improvements in ScanExpress JET.

Read the press release for more details…

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