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Semi Conductor Verification & Anti-Counterfeiting

The Corelis JTAG Interrogator is an affordable solution for semiconductor verification. The software and hardware system provides the means to quickly identify components on an assembled electronic product by reading available information from the JTAG chain

Why the need for Semi Conductor Authenticity Verification & Anti-Counterfeiting?

  • Identify old-revision and fraudulent parts
  • Gain peace-of-mind
  • Simple-to-use software and hardware interface


Top manufacturers have used JTAG tests for years to ensure electronic systems are free from defects and assembled correctly. With growing uncertainty in supply chains and the proliferation of counterfeit components, that same technology can be used to verify the authenticity of system components.

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Scan Chain Authenticity Verification & Anti-Counterfeiting

The JTAG Interrogator uses the common JTAG TAP to scan device registers. Supported devices will return IDCODE, USERCODE, and/or ECIDCODE values that can be compared against known values for quick and easy authentication. Boards can be scanned individually to produce a single board report, or a group of boards can be scanned to produce a lot report. Data is compared against known-good values for quick data verification with pass/fail results.

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Detailed reports are generated for both individually scanned boards and board lots. All reports include a summary of information about the Unit Under Test (UUT), a graphical representation of the scan chain with failures highlighted, and a table of chain information. Reports can be viewed using the integrated report viewer, or the data can be exported to CSV or XML formats for use in data collection system.

A comprehensive parts database with popular component information is included. Users can also specify BSDL files provided by part vendors to supply additional information to the tool. Updates to the application and to the ever-growing parts database can be obtained from the Corelis website.

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