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4 shunt tips for JTAG boundary-scan testing

Harwin M7581-05

Shorting jumper shunts are frequently used to configure a unit under test (UUT) a particular way for boundary-scan testing–perhaps a compliance enable signal must be met or FPGA configuration needs to be inhibited. Because these shunts are meant to configure the system for test mode and could cause functional failures, it is important to ensure that test-only shunts are removed ...

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Corelis ScanExpress Systems for VDATS

We announced last week Corelis‘  inclusion as an optional component for Versatile Depot Automatic Test Station (VDATS). Adding Corelis JTAG/boundary-scan capability to the VDATS system allows organizations to support JTAG-enabled systems with boundary-scan structural test, in-system-programming, and JTAG embedded functional test. Corelis JTAG is a perfect fit for VDATS–by limiting the pin interface to a simple JTAG TAP, boundary-scan capable systems provide ...

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Tip: Send a JTAG test log to your e-mail account using Blat

Tip: Send a test log to your e-mail account using Blat Introduction Being notified when a test plan completes can be very useful for those times when you’ll be a way from the test station but need to know when the test has finished. Luckily it’s very easy to send a test log by e-mail using ScanExpress tools and the ...

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Flash Programming – Part 3 of Test Coverage Q and A

Part 3: Flash Programming In-system-programming is a popular application of JTAG/Boundary-scan, but what about test coverage? How can flash (and other non-volatile memories) be tested and what kind of test coverage is available? In this article we’ll explore which flash tests offer coverage and how that coverage is presented in ScanExpress DFT Analyzer. Q: How do ScanExpress tools handle calculate test coverage ...

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Boundary-scan System with Expert Test Services

Corelis' TestGenie bundles a ScanExpress boundary-scan execution system with expert test services to provide low cost, high value boundary-scan test using only a fraction of the investment required for traditional development & execution systems. Tes…

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National Instruments HSDIO as a JTAG/Boundary-scan Controller

IntroductionAs a result of our relationship with National Instruments and hearing our customers' needs, ScanExpress CD v7.6 adds support for using National Instruments High-Speed Digital IO instruments as a JTAG controller. The NI hardware works just lik…

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Run JTAG Boundary-scan Tests Over the Internet

IntroductionModern computer networks often employ technologies such as firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT) to keep internal networks safe and secure. However, this extra layer of complexity can make connecting to simple network equipmen…

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JTAG for Functional Test without Boundary-scan

IntroductionWe see a common theme with our JET application: users are looking for a solution where ICT is limited by physical access, when optical and mechanical solutions are not sufficient, and—an unfortunate case—when boundary-scan support is ei…

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