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SPI Flash Component Programming

IntroductionIn light of the discussion in our last installment about the relationship between JTAG and SPI, it’s no surprise that there is overlap with JTAG and SPI tools. Newer Corelis JTAG controllers include capabilities for direct communication with…

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SPI Bus and ScanExpress Tools

IntroductionOver the next few weeks, we’ll take a look at the SPI bus and how it relates to Corelis tools including ScanExpress TPG, ScanExpress Runner, and ScanExpress Programmer. ScanExpress tools support direct access to the SPI bus on the latest JTAG…

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SPI Flash Programming and Data Files for Atmel AT45

IntroductionA peculiar case pops up in our customers’ applications from time to time: The Atmel AT45 series serial Flash is on a board and needs to be programmed. These parts offer a configurable page size that has results in some peculiar addres…

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