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TI AM335x ARM CortexT-A8 CPU Support for JET (JTAG Embedded Test)

For ScanExpress JETThe next release of ScanExpress JET includes a new CPU support package for Texas Instruments AM335x (ARM Cortex-A8) Sitara CPUs.The AM335x CPU support package includes auto-generated tests for the CPU and common periphera…

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Texas Instruments AM/DM37x CPU (ARM Cortex-A8) Support

For ScanExpress JETHot on the heels of i.MX51, we have our second Cortex-A8 CPU package: in our next ScanExpress CD release, support will be available for Texas Instruments AM/DM37x (ARM Cortex-A8) Sitara and DaVinci CPUs.The AM/DM37x CPU support package…

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