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Corelis Adds Freescale Hardware Support to Runner-Lite

Update Enables Freescale End Users to Quickly Explore JTAG Test Capabilities.

Cerritos, CA, June 11, 2012Corelis, Inc., the leading supplier of high-performance boundary-scan test and measurement tools, announced today that its free Runner-Lite test executive is now compatible with Freescale USB TAP probes. This added support allows existing Freescale hardware users to execute pre-generated JTAG-based test procedures on select Freescale reference designs. In conjunction with adding Freescale hardware support, Corelis has also distributed a downloadable test procedure for the Freescale QorIQ® P1024 reference design board (RDB). The P1024 RDB represents the first of several Freescale reference designs to be fully supported by Runner-Lite test procedures.

Runner-Lite provides engineers visibility, awareness, and accessibility to board level boundary-scan and functional testing. Each test procedure provides comprehensive fault detection and isolation of boundary-scan chain infrastructure, board interconnect, pull-up/pull-down resistors, and clusters such as memories and UARTs. The software also includes a powerful graphical fault identification subsystem to isolate and visualize the location of PCB faults. The subsystem displays a CAD-based photographic representation of a reference design on the host PC display to facilitate the rapid discovery of the actual location for any failure, even when the fault is hidden underneath devices. “The addition of Freescale hardware support makes direct, convenient JTAG tool access available to a wider audience,” states Harrison Miles, Director of Business Development at Corelis. “Freescale end users can download the software and execute a full suite of boundary-scan and functional tests in a matter of minutes.”

“As our customers drive greater levels of integration into their products, the need for faster clock rates, higher pin counts and finer pitch in our devices is going up, making board development and testing more challenging. Boundary-scan test can provide substantial improvement in board bring-up and testing speeds,” claims Tim Tumilty, Director of Developer Technology at Freescale. “The companywide benefits of being able to move a product more swiftly from development to production are immeasurable. Adding Freescale USB TAP support to Runner-Lite provides the most straight-forward path to introduce early adoption of boundary-scan to our customers.”

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