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Corelis Introduces a Boundary-Scan JTAG Controlled Digital I/O Module with Programmable Voltage Levels

se of IEEE-Std 1149.1 controlled parallel pin electronics
drastically reduces cost of digital testing.

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Cerritos, CA,  February 14, 2000 — Corelis Inc., introduced today a boundary-scan controlled ScanIO-280LV digital module targeted at development, manufacturing and service test applications for both printed circuit boards as well as complex IC’s.  The ScanIO-280LV module provides 288 boundary-scan controlled bi-directional I/O pins that can be used to add test coverage to non scannable or partially scannable circuit boards and IC’s. The Scanio-280LV modules can be cascaded to support thousands of I/Os. Applications include production test, service diagnostics, and prototype debugging of both printed circuit boards as well as digital integrated circuits including ASICs and MCMs.

Boundary-scan is an IC embedded technology for testing digital circuit boards and components that has been standardized as IEEE-Std 1149.1. Test coverage using the boundary scan standard is limited to those devices that incorporate the required boundary-scan logic. Adding the ScanIO-280LV module to an existing boundary-scan based tester greatly increases test coverage by providing virtual scan cells at all non-scannable nodes. The digital I/O pins of the ScanIO-280LV  modules can be connected to the device under test using conventional techniques such as bed-of-nails fixtures or card edge connectors. Since all the ScanIO-280LV  I/O lines are fully controlled through the serial boundary scan bus, any test pattern can be applied to these pins. Furthermore, there are no limitations on test pattern depth since the ScanIO-280LV modules do not require pin memory and can be used to generate test vectors of any size.

“The use of the ScanIO-280LV modules to augment boundary scan testers can significantly lower test development cost and greatly enhance test coverage, thus reducing time to market, lowering test costs and improving product quality” said Menachem Blasberg, president of Corelis Inc. “Compared to traditional test strategies involving in-circuit testers, boundary scan in combination with a ScanIO-280LV module to cover non-scannable nets provides a tremendous savings in both hardware and software cost.”

Each channel of the ScanIO-280LV module can be individually programmed as either input or output and can be set to operate at voltage levels between 2.0V and 5.0V in increments of 0.1 Volts. The SCANIO modules are supplied with BSDL files and a netlist for easy integration into the unit under test’s design database. The ScanIO-280LV is available from stock.

About Corelis

Corelis Inc., is a world leading supplier of PC-based IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan test systems. Corelis offers complete solutions for testing individual boards and complete systems using boundary-scan techniques. Systems are available for design and debugging, manufacturing test, and field service and support. A variety of system options are available including desktop solutions as well as portable solutions for use in the field with laptops. Corelis also offers complete boundary-scan in-system programming tools for CPLDs and FLASH memories.

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