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Corelis Introduces a High-Performance JTAG and ROM Emulator with Network Connectivity

New LAN-based JTAG and ROM Emulator fits in one box and provides the advantages of JTAG emulation with the high-speed code download of ROM emulation

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Cerritos, CA, August 4, 1997 — Corelis Inc., today introduced a high performance, self contained and network enabled, JTAG/ROM emulator (NetICE™). The NetICE provides all the advantages of JTAG emulation with the high-speed download capability of a ROM emulator. This product can also be used for boundary-scan infrastructure and interconnect testing as well as boundary-scan In-System Programming (ISP). The NetICE interfaces to any PC or workstation that has networking support for TCP/IP protocol over Ethernet.

The combination of JTAG and ROM emulation is designed for users that want to debug targets that include processors with JTAG debug functionality but want to enhance this functionality with additional features such as fast code download via Ethernet, execution of code from the targets’ real ROM address space, and support of unlimited number of breakpoints in the ROM address space. For most applications, the NetICE emulator does not require an intrusive ROM monitor that is typically required by traditional ROM emulators. All of the target CPU run control and debug features are accomplished via the JTAG interface.

Combining the on-chip access to debug resources, the fast download of object code associated with ROM emulation, and optional support of boundary-scan interconnect test, the NetICE provides the most powerful LAN-based debug tool available.

“The NetICE was developed in response to our customers requests to increase the speed of our JTAG emulators code download, and allow code execution from ROM space.” said Menachem Blasberg, president of Corelis, Inc. “We accomplished this by adding ROM emulation capability to our existing LAN-based JTAG emulator and yet preserving its ability to non-intrusively interact with the processor.”

The NetICE is available in three main configurations; a LAN-based JTAG emulator, a LAN-based ROM emulator, and both a JTAG and ROM emulator. The U.S. list price starts at $5,950 and delivery is from stock.

Corelis is a world leader in the field of boundary-scan (JTAG) testing, microprocessor development tools, and VXIbus test instruments. Corelis also provides various engineering services and is well known for its outstanding customer support.

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