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Corelis Introduces a Highly Affordable Feature-Rich I2C Bus Analyzer

The new BusPro-I™ offers unprecedented capabilities in an entry-level I2C Bus analysis product.

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Cerritos, CA, February 4, 2009 – For the first time, system integrators and test engineers have access to an I2C analysis instrument that combines a rich set of features, ease-of-use, and an affordable price. The introduction of the BusPro-I™ is another example of Corelis’ product innovation focused on reducing costs associated with product design, validation and test. Corelis, the preferred JTAG solutions provider, has employed its tools technology to supply engineers with a bus analyzer that offers a highly convenient and intuitive environment for I2C hardware debugging, software development and in-system programming.

Applications for the BusPro-I™ include embedded software and firmware development, hardware debug and system performance verification. Also included is In-System Programming (ISP), which facilitates programming and verification of I²C-compatible EEPROM devices with the BusPro-I™’s intuitive “one-click” interface to display and update memory contents. Software developers can monitor and log I²C bus traffic in real-time and decoded I²C protocol is displayed to show the bus transactions in easily comprehended format. Hardware debugging features include exercising the I²C bus and communicating with its peripheral components. This provides a convenient interface to “peek” and “poke” device registers while simultaneously watching the traffic on the bus.

“Board designers and test engineers will appreciate how our products are specifically created to provide them with inexpensive solutions that are nonetheless equipped with an uncompromising list of features, outstanding performance, and exceptional reliability,” said George B. La Fever, CEO and President of Corelis. “Engineers building products that incorporate I2C-enabled processors, such as those from Texas Instruments, will find the BusPro-I™ an invaluable aid in their development process. This introduction further establishes Corelis as a supplier truly committed toward lowering our clients’ test and development costs.”

Many of the features provided by the BusPro-I™ are available only with high-end systems. Among its features are:

  • Support for I²C and SMBus

  • High-speed USB 2.0 interface

  • Support for Standard-mode, Fast-mode, and Fast-mode Plus (Fm+) with I²C bit rates up to 5 Mbit/s

  • Support for High-speed mode (Hs-mode) monitoring up to 5 Mbit/s

  • Traffic monitoring with unlimited time-stamped state and waveform recording, message filtering, and symbolic translation

  • Two general purpose I/O channels

  • Programmable trigger event to highlight bus transactions of interest

  • Automatic detection of bus voltage and signal thresholds

  • Programmable bus voltage reference and pull-up resistors on the SDA and SCL lines

  • File-linked In-System Programming of serial EEPROMs

  • 32-Bit Windows® XP/Vista software with an easy to use Graphical User Interface

The BusPro-I™ is available at the special introductory price of $995, substantially lower than the regular list price of $1,250.

Corelis continues to offer the highly acclaimed CAS-1000-I2C/E, which includes all the features of the BusPro-I™ as well a number of more advanced capabilities especially targeting the strenuous analysis, debug and verification needs of IC engineers whose chips are equipped with I2C bus support.

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Today, Corelis products can be found globally in every industry developing and/or manufacturing electronic products. Corelis’ ScanExpress boundary-scan systems are used for structural testing as well as JTAG functional emulation test and in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs and FPGAs. Systems include a complete range of IEEE-1149.1-compatible boundary-scan testers for PCI, PCI Express, LAN, USB 2.0, cPCI/PXI and VXI host interfaces.

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