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Corelis Introduces ScanPlus Boundary-Scan Test System Incorporating HP Technology

ScanPlus enables PC-based, low-cost boundary-scan testing, utilizing test vectors
generated by the HP 3070 in-circuit tester family.

Cerritos, CA, August 12, 1997 — Corelis Inc., today introduced ScanPlus, a high performance, low cost PC platform for executing boundary-scan test vectors generated by the HP 3070 in-circuit tester family from Hewlett-Packard Company. ScanPlus integrates HP InterconnectPlus PC software and the broad line of Corelis boundary-scan (JTAG) controllers. The combined experience of HP and Corelis in boundary-scan technology has produced a product allowing HP 3070 users to perform boundary-scan tests without tying up a dedicated manufacturing and test system.

“HP has long supported boundary-scan test in its in-circuit board test products.” said Kamran Firooz, general manager of HP’s Manufacturing Test Division. “Now, ScanPlus allows our proven boundary-scan technology to be used in many new applications and in a low-cost PC-based environment.”

“Although ScanPlus is a new product, it incorporates technology that Corelis and HP have been refining for many years.” said Menachem Blasberg, president of Corelis, Inc. “HP and Corelis have studied the needs of boundary-scan test users and ScanPlus provides a solution our customers have been asking for.”

ScanPlus is a true 32-bit application that directly executes HP 3070 VCL boundary-scan test files on an MS Windows 95 operating system. Intelligent diagnostics identify a failing device, fault type, faulty nets and device pins involved. Eight user-programmable outputs with graphical time settings for fixture and power control are provided. In addition, hardware inputs for primary functions such as Start, Reset, and Retry are available. These capabilities are implemented in one of the easiest to use graphical user interfaces the boundary-scan industry has ever seen.

Corelis provides a wide variety of boundary-scan controller options including PC-ISA bus, a PCMCIA card for portable applications, and an Ethernet network controller for LAN-based applications.

Corelis has developed a comprehensive user’s guide with tutorials which can quickly train a new user in less than one day. A JTAG test demo board is also available from Corelis to facilitate training and demonstration of ScanPlus capabilities.

Corelis is a world leader in the field of boundary-scan testing, microprocessor development tools, and VXIbus test instruments. Corelis also provides various engineering services and is well known for its outstanding customer support.

About Corelis

Corelis Inc., is a world leading supplier of PC-based IEEE 1149.1 boundary-scan test systems. Corelis offers complete solutions for testing individual boards and complete systems using boundary-scan techniques. Systems are available for design and debugging, manufacturing test, and field service and support. A variety of system options are available including desktop solutions as well as portable solutions for use in the field with laptops.

Corelis also offers complete boundary-scan in-system programming tools for CPLDs and FLASH memories, including the Altera MAX 9000, MAX 9000A, MAX 7000, and MAX 7000A devices. Devices can be quickly and easily programmed using a Jam File (.jam), which can be automatically generated by the MAX+PLUS II software.

For more information on Corelis boundary-scan test and programming products and other tools and services, please visit the Corelis web site at

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