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Corelis Unveils a USB 2.0 Based Four-Port JTAG/I2C/SPI Controller for Boundary-Scan Testing and Direct In-System Programming

A new, flexible USB 2.0 JTAG controller, that includes four individual ports
and four independent I2C and SPI interfaces, provides
both JTAG testing and direct In-System Programming (ISP)

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Cerritos, CA, April 16, 2006 – Corelis Inc., a leading supplier of high-performance boundary-scan test, programming, and emulation tools announced today a new USB 2.0 based boundary-scan test and in-system programming controller named, USB-1149.1/4E. This new controller offers board testing and in-system programming of CPLDs, FPGAs, and flash memories at their full theoretical programming speed. With its ability to deliver test vectors at a sustained test clock (TCK) frequency of 100 MHz, the USB-1149.1/4E is being offered as the premier solution for users whose applications demand the highest possible performance and scan data throughput.

In addition to the boundary-scan test features, the USB-1149.1/4E also includes direct I2C and serial peripheral interface (SPI) based device programming capabilities. The SPI and I2C interfaces are independent of the JTAG test interface, meaning the same boundary-scan controller tests the board and performs direct programming of serial EEPROM and flash memories, without operators having to remove the JTAG connector or switch to a dedicated SPI or I2C programmer.  The USB-1149.1/4E also features automatic signal delay compensation for long cable runs to the UUT, slew rate control, adjustable input thresholds, software controllable signal pin reassignment and eight analog channels for measuring target supply voltages or other signals up to +5VDC.

The USB-1149.1/4E interfaces with the host computer via the industry standard high-speed USB 2.0 (Universal Serial Bus). The host software then provides direct access to hardware for boundary-scan testing and In-System-Programming in various phases of a product life cycle such as design, manufacturing, and field service.

“With this new innovative controller, we were able to combine test and direct in-system programming functions into a single and small size product. Using the new direct programming ports, serial FLASH/EEPROM devices can be programmed at the device theoretical programming time.  The TCK speeds of up to 100 MHz and direct SPI/I2C programming features of the USB-1149.1/4E greatly reduce board debugging, test, and programming times,” said Karla May, the Boundary-Scan Product Marketing Manager at Corelis. “This new controller is an important addition to our existing line of boundary-scan controllers as we can offer our customers optimal solutions for emerging technologies and more demanding applications.”

The USB-1149.1/4E controller ships with cables, built-in self-test software, and plug-and-play Windows 2000/XP device drivers. The USB-1149.1/4E controller is available from stock with prices starting from $4,900.

Corelis, an EWA company, offers a broad line of test, programming, development and bus analysis products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation. Corelis also provides custom engineering services and is well-known for its outstanding customer support. For further information regarding Corelis, please visit our web site at

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