The VAP program has been created to provide Corelis customers with qualified boundary-scan test service providers for Corelis boundary-scan test systems.

What is the Value Added Partner (VAP) Program?

By definition, VAPs are technically and financially strong business partners who provide a variety of test services to their customers. These services may include performing a DFT analysis, developing boundary-scan and in-system programming test procedures, or even providing total turn-key test solutions. A VAP may perform boundary-scan test procedures for Corelis customers and add additional value by creating an easy path to test the analog part of the board using an in-circuit tester or a functional tester.

Corelis VAPs are well known and respected in their market as test services providers; their high quality standards, commitment to customer satisfaction, and efficiency in offering the greatest value separates them from their competitors and are key to their success. These types of partners enable mutually profitable solutions for our customers.

Corelis Value Added Partners

How do I become a Corelis VAP?

If your company is an established and reputable test service provider and can provide value added services such as development of boundary-scan test procedures, take advantage of the great benefits Corelis VAPs enjoy. To inquire about becoming a Corelis VAP, simply contact us at [email protected].