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ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Test Products

The Corelis ScanExpress Intelligent Boundary-Scan line of products gives you all of the capabilities you need to quickly generate a high fault coverage board test procedure and run it at low cost. In fact, you can save even more by using the Blackhawk XDS560-class JTAG controller you may already have to execute the tests. Based on the IEEE standard 1149.1 (JTAG boundary-scan), ScanExpress locates faults on printed circuit boards with structural (e.g., shorts and opens) problems as an alternative or complement to other, more expensive test tools you may be currently using. You can also use ScanExpress device programming tools to save costs with its in-system programming capability.

JTAG ScanExpress Software diagram - Texas Instruments Customers

In addition, ScanExpress software can be a valuable aid during the board development phase. As described in the Debugging a Dead Board presentation, ScanExpress can help you isolate and debug board-level problems even when the board is not able to boot its full functionality. To summarize the major Corelis ScanExpress products:

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ScanExpress TPG – Test Pattern Generation

Intelligent Boundary-scan Test Pattern Generator with built-in wizard. ScanExpressTPG automatically generates test patterns that enable testing of boundary-scan chain integrity, PCB interconnects, buswires, memories, transparent devices, pullup/pulldown resistors and clusters.



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ScanExpress Runner – Test Program Execution

Boundary-scan test execution software including a test sequencer, Truth Table Display (TTD) diagnostics, and In-System-Programming (ISP) support for flash and CPLDs/FPGAs. It provides comprehensive testing of boundary-scan chain infrastructure, interconnects, buswires, clusters, memories, and FIFOs.



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ScanExpress Programmer – In-Circuit Programming Tool

Software for in-system programming of Flash memories, serial EEPROM and CPLD/FPGA devices via Boundary-Scan, direct I2C, and direct SPI.



debugger1 - Texas Instruments CustomersScanExpress Debugger – Interactive Debugging

Boundary-scan interactive debugger software, an excellent tool for engineers doing debug during prototype design verification and testing. Valuable for BSDL file verification to silicon.



ado - Texas Instruments Customers

ScanExpress ADO – Advanced Diagnostics

ScanExpress Advanced Diagnostics option to the ScanExpress Runner that isolates interconnects faults to the net and pin level including bridging faults. Eliminates tedious truth table diagnosis and confusing interaction caused by multiple faults.



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ScanExpress Viewer – Visual Fault Identification System

Visual PCB and Faults Viewer/Locator using overlaid CAD and digital PCB photo files.

You can learn much more about the ScanExpress JTAG/boundary-scan line from the ScanExpress Overview datasheet or by visiting the ScanExpress web page.

JET Supported Texas Instruments DSPs

ScanExpress JET works with the Blackhawk XDS560 family of JTAG emulators to support many popular TI DSPs. Before Code Composer is used to develop code for the TI DSP, JET can be used to verify the functionality of the board. ScanExpress JET automatically generates real-time functional tests for RAM and Flash and custom real-time embedded tests can be easily created using the simple JET scripting language. The real-time embedded tests are executed on the target in internal SRAM, ensuring that problems with external RAM (SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, etc.) will be properly detected.

The generated JET tests are compatible with ScanExpress Runner and can be combined with boundary-scan tests to create a test plan which not only tests the structural integrity of the board, but also verifies the functional operation.

DaVinci Digital Media Processors

  • TMS320DM642, TMS320DM6446

OMAP Application Processors

  • OMAP5912

C5000 Power-Efficient DSPs

  • TMS320C5510

C6000 Floating-point DSPs

  • TMS320C6711, TMS320C6713

C6000 High Performance DSPs

  • TMS320C6415, TMS320C6416, TMS320C6455

Performance Value DSPs

  • TMS320C6412, TMS320C6413, TMS320C6202

For board configurations which have a TI DSP TAP connector and a separate TAP connector for other boundary-scan devices, a Corelis TAP Expander can be used to connect to both TAPs using the one Blackhawk JTAG Emulator. The Corelis TAP Expander can support up to 4 TAPs (1 TI DSP TAP and 3 additional TAPs).

Blackhawk TI DSP Emulator - Texas Instruments Customers

Blackhawk TI DSP Emulator

TAP Expander - Texas Instruments Customers

Corelis TAP Expander

Connecting Blackhawk Emulator - Texas Instruments Customers

Block diagram showing the use of the Corelis TAP Expander
with a Blackhawk TI DSP Emulator in a multi-TAP environment

ScanExpress JET – JTAG Embedded Test

jet icon - Texas Instruments CustomersScanExpress JET™ represents a quantum leap in automatic circuit board testing by extending boundary-scan structural test coverage to virtually every signal on the board that is accessible by an on-board CPU. ScanExpress JET utilizes proprietary “JTAG Embedded Test” (JET) technology, which uses a processor’s JTAG debug port to download and control native processor code to perform at-speed functional testing of the UUT.

ScanExpress JET (short for JTAG Embedded Test) is an innovative new product that lets you run board-level functional tests at full processor speed. By using your TI DSP or MCU’s existing JTAG port and your Blackhawk XDS560-class JTAG controller, you can easily create, download, and execute functional tests on memories and other circuitry hooked up to your on-board processor. ScanExpress JET lets you create tests that isolate specific areas of operation, including hard-to-detect signal integrity issues.

ScanExpress JET Test Genera - Texas Instruments Customers

For more information about ScanExpress JET, visit the Scan Express JET web page.

I2C Bus Analyzers

The BusPro-I™ is Corelis’ new, affordable bus analyzer designed especially for test and debug of circuit boards that incorporate an I2C bus. The CAS-1000-I2C/E™ is an advanced I2C bus analyzer, exerciser, monitor, debugger, programmer, and emulator for integrated circuit test and verification. Whether your board design incorporates an I2C bus or you are supporting I2C in your chip design, Corelis has an indispensable tool to verify that the I2C functionality is operating properly.

busprobusanalyzericon1 - Texas Instruments CustomersBusPro-I

Affordable I2C Bus Analyzer for test and debug of I2C bus circuitry.


busanalyzericon1 - Texas Instruments Customers


High-Performance I2C Bus Analyzer, with emulation and advanced bus test capability, supporting integrated circuit test and verification.

To learn more about the BusPro-I and CAS-1000-I2C/E – including download of a demonstration version of the I2C Exerciser software package, an online video, and more – visit www.corelis.com/I2C.

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