Beginning with version 1.08 (available as part of the ScanExpress CD v7.5), the ScanExpress Programmer JTAG module includes gang (concurrent) programming support for up to 4 UUTs with supported multi-TAP JTAG controllers.

By programming 4 UUTs concurrently, ScanExpress Programmer can cut effective programming time down to a quarter of the single-target programming, saving time in high volume production.

Gang programming is supported for single-TAP UUTs. The Gang programming menu item becomes available when using a supported JTAG controller configuration in the ScanExpress Programmer application.

Supported configurations include:

Using Gang Programming
To begin using Gang Programming, click Setup -> Gang Programming, or press the F6 key to open the Gang Programming Configuration window.

Select the Boards to be programmed (one board per TAP). Any combination of boards can be programmed—for example, you may have one connected to TAP1 and one to TAP3, or just TAP1 connected.

Figure 1: Gang Programming Options Window.

After selection the Gang programming options, click OK to dismiss the dialog. From this point on, all JTAG operations from the Program, Verify, and Erase Tabs will be performed on all selected TAPs.

In addition, the Read tab will now include a drop-down box to select which board should be used when reading and displaying data.

Gang Programming is a great way to increase throughput and decrease time at station. ScanExpress Programmer version 1.08 can be obtained from our website (with valid maintenance contract) at

For concurrent boundary-scan testing and higher volume Flash programming, check out ScanExpress Runner Gang, our high volume production solution.

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