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Integration between Corelis’ ScanPlus system and Teradyne’s GR TestStation™ In-Circuit tester allows reuse of Corelis test and ISP programs in production

Teradyne and Corelis work to
reduce test development costs and time to market.

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Cerritos, CA, December 6, 2002 – Corelis Inc., a world leader in boundary-scan testing and in-system programming, announced today a software application that allows integration between the Teradyne GR TestStation™ In-Circuit Tester (ICT) and Corelis’ ScanPlus boundary-scan test and in-system programming products.

This application allows customers to reuse, in production, the boundary-scan test vectors and in-system programming files developed with Corelis’ boundary-scan tools during early stages of product development. The integration between the two systems simplifies the test process when moving from the prototype phase to production by using the Teradyne GR TestStation for testing the analog portions of the board and other non boundary-scan testable nets and reusing the Corelis boundary-scan tests. Fault diagnostics can be automatically displayed using “Teradyne TRACS™, or Teradyne Graphical Repair™ software on the Teradyne GR TestStation including the integrated board viewer.

“This application allows design and test engineers to develop and apply boundary-scan tests and in-system programming early in the product life cycle during product development and prototype stages,” said Jim Rodgers, Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis. “Then, following product release, the reuse of the same proven test vectors in manufacturing dramatically reduces test development costs and time to market. Our customers were asking us to integrate our system with Teradyne’s TestStation™ and we are pleased that Teradyne worked with us to deliver this capability.”

Boundary-scan is an embedded IC technology for in-circuit programming and testing of digital circuit boards and components that have been standardized as IEEE Std 1149.1.  Corelis’ boundary-scan tools include hardware and software products offering exceptional ease-of-use combined with advanced technical innovation.

Corelis Inc., offers a broad line of boundary-scan software and hardware products for interconnect testing, in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs, FPGAs, JTAG emulation and debugging. It includes a full range of IEEE Std 1149.1 boundary-scan testers for the ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, LAN, USB, cPCI/PXI and VXI busses. Corelis also provides various engineering services and is well known for its outstanding customer support.

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