See how ScanExpress JET™ overcomes major challenges by automating the functional test generation process. This is the industry's preferred solution for automated at-speed, non-intrusive functional PCB testing.

• Extends coverage beyond boundary-scan for All CPU accessible resources • Inaccessible boundary-scan components and analog devices, as well as I/O port testing using external equipment • In-System Programming (ISP) of flash up to theoretical speeds • Large library of supported processors • Dramatically enhances UUT test coverage for CPUs with JTAG debug/emulation ports • Ability to combine JTAG Embedded Tests with boundary-scan structural tests for extended test coverage • Automatic generation of functional tests for common peripherals  

Fujitsu switched from ICT to an easy-to-use boundary-scan test and programming system which resulted in savings exceeding $500,000 in little more than a year.” 

“Corelis JTAG Embedded Test (JET) tools helped enhance process calibration equipment testability at Fluke.” 

And so, we cannot wait to show you what a difference the JTAG Embedded Testing (JET) method can help to extend PCB test coverage beyond popular boundary-scan techniques to virtually every signal of the UUT that is accessible by on-board CPU(s). This includes most of the remaining non-scannable, analog and I/O port resources.

• Can you imagine being able to increase board test coverage by quickly combining boundary-scan testing with at-speed functional testing? • Can you imagine assists in prototype debug before test firmware or test fixtures are available? • Can you imagine being able to save coding time through automatic test and diagnostic generation? • Can you imagine the ability to field validate a customer board or upgrade firmware on-site? 

You don’t have to imagine anymore – just schedule a demo to see Corelis' ScanExpress JET™ solution in action. 

About Corelis Corelis offers bus analysis, embedded test solutions, and the industry’s broadest line of JTAG/boundary-scan software and hardware products that combine exceptional ease-of-use with advanced technical innovation and unmatched customer service. Soon after its inception in 1991, Corelis’ innovation in bus analysis and JTAG/boundary-scan test solutions ultimately resulted in the company’s acceptance as a major and preferred vendor of test solutions worldwide.  

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