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New Corelis PXI/cPCI JTAG Test and In-System Programming Controller Provides Concurrent Testing and Programming at Sustained Test Clock Frequencies up to 80 MHz!

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Cerritos, CA, November 8, 2003 — Corelis Inc., unveiled a new high performance PXI/cPCI boundary-scan test and in-circuit programming controller, the CPXI-1149.1/Turbo, that offers boundary testing and in-system programming of CPLDs, FPGAs, and Flash memories. Up to 1,024 boards can be tested and programmed concurrently! With its ability to deliver test vectors at a sustained test clock (TCK) frequency of 80 MHz, while simultaneously verifying results in hardware at each individual TAP, the CPXI-1149.1/Turbo is being offered as the premier solution for PXI/cPCI users whose applications demand the highest possible scan vector throughput.

The Corelis CPXI-1149.1/Turbo is an intelligent Boundary-Scan controller that can be used in the testing of devices, boards, or systems, compliant with IEEE Std 1149.1. The controller offers excellent performance due to its large array of performance-enhancing innovations that increase test vector throughput.  The CPXI-1149.1/Turbo interfaces with host software via the industry standard PXI/cPCI bus, allowing for either direct access via an embedded controller or remote access through a MXI interface. Host software then provides direct access to hardware for boundary-scan testing in various phases of a product life cycle such as design, manufacturing, and field service. Boundary-Scan test vectors developed with Corelis’ ScanPlusTPG Test Program Generator can be executed directly on the CPXI-1149.1/Turbo.

“The PXI/cPCI standard has become increasingly popular in many testing environments. With this new controller design, we are able to support the testing and in-system programming of extremely large, dense and complex board assemblies over this standardized yet flexible interface. This can be accomplished at TCK speeds reaching 80 MHz, thus greatly reducing test times” said Jim Rodgers, Technical Marketing Engineer at Corelis Inc. “By having a common test platform for both design and manufacturing, our customers will realize tremendous costs savings. This new controller is an important addition to our existing line of boundary-scan controllers as we can offer our customers optimal solutions, even under the most demanding applications”.

The CPXI-1149.1/Turbo controller ships with the ScanTAP-4 remote accesses pod, built-in self‑test software, and Plug and Play Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP device drivers. The CPXI-1149.1/Turbo controller is available from stock with prices starting from $5,750.

Boundary-Scan is an embedded IC technology for in-system programming and testing of digital circuit boards and components that have been standardized as IEEE Std 1149.1.  Corelis’ ScanPlus Boundary-Scan tools include hardware and software products offering exceptional ease-of-use combined with advanced technical innovation.

Corelis Inc., offers a broad line of boundary-scan software and hardware products for interconnect testing, in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs, FPGAs, JTAG emulation and debugging. It includes a full range of IEEE Std 1149.1 boundary-scan testers for the ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, LAN, USB, cPCI/PXI and VXI busses. Corelis also provides various engineering services and is well known for its outstanding customer support.

About Corelis Inc.

Corelis, incorporated in 1991, is a world leader in the field of IEEE-1149.1 boundary-scan testing, JTAG In-System-Programming of Flash memories & CPLDs, JTAG emulation and debugging, microprocessor development tools, and VXIbus test instruments. Corelis is also a leading system integrator and developer of custom test solutions. Corelis has successfully integrated and developed systems for customers throughout the world. In addition to its USA representatives, Corelis has overseas sales and support engineers in countries such as Japan, Canada, Sweden, France, Israel, Germany, Korea, Ireland, Singapore, China, Taiwan, UK, Holland, Belgium, Australia, and more.

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