For Corelis, it’s all about forging partnerships with our customers to maximize their production time and help them target continuous improvements in identifying electronic defects in their products, effectively, efficiently, and reliably. We fully support our customer-partners by providing them with a complete approach to boundary-scan testing and working along-side them during their product development process to ensure that product testability meets their standards and requirements. With boundary-scan solutions, Corelis provides a complete and effective approach to embedded testing, debugging, and/or in-system programming that is highly successful and helps our customers and partners develop high-quality devices and quickly achieve their production goals.


Corelis’ approach to providing boundary-scan solutions is to build partnerships because that is how we see every one of our customers; they are our partners, and we are theirs. Our entire team takes great pride in establishing and maintaining an outstanding reputation among our customer-partners for meeting their boundary-scan technology needs and for also providing technical support and services that are as superior and as unmatched as our products.

Our relationships with our customer-partners are enduring and even include long-standing strategic third-party relationships with major industry leaders in the technology space. More importantly, all our customers and partners trust Corelis’ boundary-scan solutions and our company’s commitment to meet their electronic device and product-testing standards with the highest quality-assurance, before going to market.

At Corelis, we fully understand that we cannot achieve success without customers and partners that continually push us to greater heights and inspire us to pursue innovation and further advance the boundary-scan technology space with our product ingenuity. As we continue to develop new technologies for our market and identify more opportunities to serve the landscape of test, embedded test, and programming systems that are needed by businesses to develop and produce electronic devices, we look forward to maturing our existing customer-partnerships and meeting new partners.

Most importantly, as Corelis continues to pursue and effectuate open engagement with our customers and partners, we know that corporate sustainability and an improved B2B culture will become a dynamic and lasting part of our company’s legacy. And, with a great future squarely in our sights, Corelis, as a visionary and expert in the world of boundary-scan technology, will let our products lead the way!

Our Vision

“Enabling a More Secure Future”
To consistently satisfy our customers with high quality products and services, and strive to continually improve our products and services provided to customers.

Our Mission

To bring together a broad range of creative, skilled, and dedicated professionals who are passionate about discovering ways to make a safer more secure world, and are committed to the success of our customers and our company.

“Corelis fosters an empowered work environment that promotes innovation, excellence and an ardent sense of commitment to our customers.”