CodeRunner JTAG Emulator

JTAG Emulator for BAE Systems RAD750 microprocessors

Designed for the most hazardous high radiation environments, the BAE Systems RAD750 radiation hardened PowerPC microprocessor is the most advanced processor offered to the space community. From the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter to the Curiosity Rover, the RAD750 microprocessor has proven time and again to lead the industry in quality, performance, and cost.

CodeRunner is the only JTAG emulator designed specifically for the BAE Systems RAD750 processor. Featuring a high performance JTAG emulator, an easy-to-use graphical debug environment, and integration with BAE Systems tools for the Power PCI intelligent bridge, CodeRunner is the perfect environment for developing and debugging mission-critical embedded software for RAD750 systems.


  • High-performance JTAG controller for USB 2.0/LAN.
  • Powerful CodeRunner C/C++ source-level debugger.
  • Works with all popular C/C++ cross-compilers that generate ELF/MDEBUG, ELF/Stabs, or ELF/MDEBUG & stabs debug information.
  • Extensive macro and “C”-style command file capabilities.
  • Compatible with BAE systems tools for RAD750 PowerPC CPU and Power PCI intelligent bridge.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).
CodeRunner JTAG Emulator

CodeRunner-RAD750 with NetUSB-1149.1/E System Diagram

High-Performance JTAG Emulator

The Corelis CodeRunner emulator utilizes the industry standard IEEE-1149.1 JTAG Test port to access the internal debug resources available on the microprocessor. Since the boundary-scan logic of the processor is separate from the core processor logic itself, this access mechanism allows complete non-intrusive access to all processor resources. Thus, no interrupts, no RAM, no ROM, and no registers need to be assigned for debug purposes and no ROM based debugger or loader program is required. At the same time, no peripheral resources such as serial ports are needed to communicate with the emulator/debugger.

In addition to these benefits, the use of the JTAG interface also ensures that RAD750 microprocessor access is maintained even when the processor ‘hangs’ or otherwise runs out of control. Programs and data can be downloaded to any part of the system RAM through the JTAG port without the need for a resident loader program.

The JTAG interface is a simple, five-wire interface that connects to the target system via a flexible ribbon cable, and does not require removing the processor. The JTAG interface is controlled by a Corelis high-performance NetUSB-1149.1/E JTAG controller.

CodeRunner Debugger

The CodeRunner emulator includes a powerful source-level debugger with a multi-window environment, allowing the developer to view source code, assembly code, variables (both local and global), memory, and register locations at the same time. It also supports the concurrent debugging of targets with multiple CPUs, providing the capability to display windows for each CPU on the screen simultaneously.

RAD750 Standard TAP (COP) Pin Assignments

CodeRunner provides full source-correlated debugging, allowing the user to display the source for a particular line of assembly code and vice versa. CodeRunner includes a modern integrated development environment (IDE), and features a very straightforward and user-friendly interface. Anyone familiar with the usage of source-level debuggers will master CodeRunner’s powerful features quickly, reducing the learning curve.

CodeRunner works with all popular C/C++ cross-compilers that generate ELF/ MDEBUG, ELF/Stabs, or ELF/MDEBUG & stabs debug information. The user has the option to automatically load all debug symbols along with the executable, and these symbols will be displayed alongside of each line of assembly code.

CodeRunner RAD750 - BAE Systems RAD750 processor JTAG Emulator


Easy Development

Read how the Corelis Scan Library and the CodeRunner-RAD750/NetUSB/E JTAG Emulator enabled easy development of custom JTAG tools to simplify programming and debug of a RAD750 computer at BAE Systems.


Embedded software debug

Use JTAG in-circuit emulation for real-time, non-intrusive development and debug on embedded systems with RAD750 microprocessors.

Processor control

Reset the processor, start and stop program execution, step through source or assembly code, set breakpoints, and more—all from an easy-to-use software development and debug environment.

System monitoring

Monitor bus activity, display and modify system memory or registers, view the current functional call stack, or set up unlimited watch windows.


Develop and debug software in-system for RAD750 microprocessors; the CodeRunner software is a complete graphical, integrated development environment.

Examine and modify processor resources—the JTAG emulator allows complete, non-intrusive access to all RAD750 processor resources.

Download program code quickly with high-performance Corelis NetUSB-1149.1/E JTAG controllers.

Ordering Information

Part Number 30499B

Includes NetUSB-1149.1/E 4-TAP USB 2.0/LAN JTAG controller, USB 2.0 cable, and Ethernet cable.

All systems include CodeRunner software, one 16-pin PowerPC TAP cable, and four 10-pin standard TAP cables.

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