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ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for BGA DDR Memory Testing for Automotive



ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics adds additional diagnostic resolution to ScanExpress JET memory tests with fully-automated analysis. Functional test results are diagnosed down to the net-and-pin level, even on BGA components.

The precise diagnostics are ideal for safety-critical testing of ECU systems during development, production, deployment, and repair. Processor-specific memory tests include multiple memory standards including DDR, GDDR, and more.

ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics integrates with the Corelis ScanExpress suite of software, including ScanExpress Runner for test execution and ScanExpress Viewer for PCB fault visualization.


  • Improved fault coverage by combining boundary-scan and JET at-speed test with pin-and-net level diagnostics
  • Fault information is presented in a clear, concise format
  • Detailed diagnostics go beyond standard functional tests
  • Spend less time on fault detection enabling faster prototype debug and releases


  • Quickly translates JTAG Embedded Test (JET) functional diagnostics to net-and-pin level
  • Clear identification of memory interface faults, including atspeed, timing-critical faults
  • Precise fault characterization including short, open, and bridging faults, even under BGA components
  • Seamless integration with ScanExpress JET and ScanExpress Runner for boundary-scan and embedded instrument test at the ECU-level
  • Compatible with ScanExpress Viewer for fault visualization
  • Combine with JTAG-accessible MBIST integration for better ISO 26262 and ASIL requirements testing

ScanExpress Viewer magnifying glass 1024x662 - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for Automotive

ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics integrate with ScanExpress Viewer


debug 150x150 - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotivePrototype Debug

Engineers can quickly isolate manufacturing defects from real design problems

production 150x150 - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotiveProduction Floor

Generate detailed fault tickets for identification of failed units during electronic assembly

repair 150x150 - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotiveRepair Station

Utilize fault tickets with ScanExpress Viewer to provide photographic visual failure analysis

ScanExpress JET “13 point” Benefit

Corelis ScanExpress JET represents a major step forward for automatic circuit board testing. The JTAG Embedded Test (JET) method extends coverage beyond popular boundary-scan techniques to virtually every signal of the UUT that is accessible by on-board CPU(s). This includes most of the remaining non-scannable, analog and I/O port resources.

Here is a list of some important JET Benefits:

  1. JET augments UUT structural test coverage with functional tests when UUT includes CPU device(s) with JTAG debug/emulation port(s).
  2. JET automatically generates functional at-speed tests for memories and flash devices, saving months of coding, tedious UUT tests debugging and significantly reducing the overall tests development costs. Intuitive GUI guides the user through a logical sequence of test preparation steps, followed by automatic generation of functional test steps from start to finish.
  3. JET functionally tests components at-speed using embedded tests that are downloaded via JTAG into CPU cache memory or RAM. This increases test reliability and helps you diagnose failures, especially when the board does not boot.

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Software Compatibility

Icon 12 150x150 - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotiveScanExpress JET – JTAG Embedded Test

ScanExpress JET™ represents a quantum leap in automatic circuit board testing by extending boundary-scan structural test coverage to virtually every signal on the board that is accessible by an on-board CPU.
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runner icon - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotiveScanExpress Runner – Test Program Execution

ScanExpress Runner™ provides a runtime executive environment that is friendly for design, production, and field service.
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viewer icon - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for AutomotiveScanExpress Viewer – Visual Fault Identification System

ScanExpress Viewer™ is a powerful graphical fault identification system that helps to isolate the source and location of faults encountered during boundary-scan test of printed circuit board assemblies.
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Hardware Compatibility

JTAG Controllers

High-performance, production-ready JTAG hardware available in single-TAP, 4-TAP, and 8TAP configurations for a variety of interfaces.


results - ScanExpress™ JET Advanced Diagnostics for Automotive

ScanExpress JET Advanced Diagnostics includes type of fault with nets and pins

Ordering Information

Part Number: 20800

Note: Advanced Diagnostics Option for ScanExpress JETScanExpress Runner or ScanExpress JET with at least one CPU support package is required to enable advanced diagnostics. 

For more information about ScanExpress JET, view the product page.

ScanExpress JET Whitepaper

Click here to view the ScanExpress JET Whitepaper which provides an overview of what JET is, how it works, and the benefits of using JET in conjunction with existing boundary-scan and ICT test methods.

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