Low Voltage Adapter

TAP Adapter for Corelis JTAG Controllers

High technology, energy efficient, and small form factor products push JTAG interfaces to the limits; low power and high performance means low voltage, high speed, and high drive requirements. Building specialized interface circuits on product Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) is inconvenient and costly—an out-of-the-box, external solution is needed.

The Corelis Low Voltage adapter is an add-on accessory that provides existing scan controllers with an active, plug-in interface to access low voltage scan chains, without sacrificing performance.


  • Converts JTAG signal levels between a TTL scan controller and a low voltage Unit Under Test (UUT).

  • Supports clock speeds up to 100 MHz.

  • Automatically detects and matches UUT reference voltage levels between 0.4V and 2.5V based on UUT connector pin.

  • Capable of driving output signals up to 90 mA, readily accommodating 50 ohm loads.

  • Scan controller connector mates with any Corelis scan controller supporting a standard 20 pin Test Access Port (TAP) cable.

  • UUT connector mates with a 60 pin BSH 50 mm socket (Samtec BSH-030-01 or equivalent).

  • Supports Intel XDP, XDP-Sinned, and ITP700Flex connectors.

  • 9VDC (500 mA) power supply provided.

  • ESD protection on all pins.

  • Compact bare PCB form-factor.


Low Voltage UUTs

Interface with low voltage JTAG systems, without the need for additional circuitry built into the PCB.

Intel Extended Debug Ports (XDP)

Directly connect to UUTs utilizing Intel’s XDP small form factor connector.


  • Adapter enables connection of any Corelis controller with 20 pin TAPs to a low voltage UUT. Voltages are automatically configured to match the UUT reference voltage.
  • The convenient, compact bare PCB module connects directly to standard 60 pin BSH sockets, eliminating the need for extra external cabling.

  • No additional software required—the Low Voltage Adapter is fully compatible with the ScanExpress family of boundary-scan and JTAG Embedded Test (JET) software products.

Low Voltage Adapter

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Part Number 10402

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