High-Performance LAN & USB 2.0 Boundary-Scan Controller

Boundary-scan has proven itself time and again to be a truly versatile interface for structural test, embedded functional test, built-in self test (BIST), software debug, and in-system programming. Supporting such diverse applications requires a controller with high performance specifications and diverse features.

The NetUSB-1149.1/E is a high performance, multi-feature boundary-scan controller for multi-TAP and concurrent JTAG test and in-system programming. Featuring dual-interface USB and LAN support with four independent Test Access Ports (TAPs), direct serial programming capability and voltage sense support, the NetUSB-1149.1/E fits a multitude of boundary-scan applications.


  • High-performance JTAG controller with I2C and SPI interfaces.
  • Concurrent (gang) testing and In-System Programming (ISP) on up to four UUTs for high volume test.
  • Four TAP connections for UUT designs with multiple scan chains.
  • User programmable JTAG TCK rate up to 70 MHz.
  • Independently configurable output voltage and input voltage threshold.
  • Automatic signal delay compensation for long cable lengths.
  • Eight ±50V analog voltage measurement channels; two per TAP.
  • Dual interface with High-speed USB 2.0 and 10/100Base-T Ethernet.
  • Supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, and Linux operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit).

High Speed SPI Debugger and Programmer

The BusPro-S is a value-oriented, high speed Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) debugging and programming tool. The USB-based desktop instrument allows engineers to save precious development time by providing low level control of SPI buses for the generation of SPI traffic and for programming SPI memory. The BusPro-S includes two modes of operation: standard mode for simple SPI buses and enhanced/multi-IO mode for interfacing with the latest high-speed SPI Flash and peripheral devices.

High Performance, Versatility

The Corelis NetUSB-1149.1/E JTAG controller is fully compliant with the IEEE Standard 1149.1 for test access. The standalone unit connects between the host PC through a high-speed USB port or Ethernet connection and up to four TAP connectors on any JTAG-based target system. Support for concurrent (Gang) test execution with in-system programming, voltage sense capabilities, and integrated serial interfaces on each TAP connector make the NetUSB-1149.1/E ideal for multi-TAP, high-volume JTAG and serial bus programming integration.


Scan Function Library

For applications that require a low level interface or integration with third party software, Corelis offers a Scan Function Library (SFL). The SFL is provided as a 32-bit DLL for Microsoft Windows and provides all functions necessary to operate the JTAG port and send or receive JTAG instructions and data to the target system. Users can incorporate the drivers in their own application software or integrate the SFL with third party systems such as National Instruments LabVIEW, National Instruments TestStand, and Agilent VEE.

Hardware Specifications

For complete specifications, please refer to the NetUSB-1149.1 User’s Manual.


Mechanical dimensions5.2 inches × 7.1 inches × 1.5 inches
CertificationsRoHS compliant

USB Interface

USB transfer rateHigh-speed USB 2.0
USB CableShips with a 6 foot USB 2.0 A to B cable

Ethernet Interface

ComplianceIEEE 802.3u 100BASE-FX

Target Interface

TAPs4 individually programmable TAPs
TAP Connectors
(connects to target cable)
2-pin (2×10) header (0.100 inches × 0.100 inches).
3M part number 3428-6302 or equivalent.
TAP cable length12-inch cables included. Additional options available.
Output voltageProgrammable from 1.25 V to 3.30 V in 0.05 V steps.
Threshold voltageProgrammable from 0.50 V to 3.30 V in 0.05 V steps.

JTAG Interface

ComplianceIEEE-1149.1 compliant interface
TCK clock rateConfigurable up to 70 MHz

I2C Interface

SCL clock rate100 kHz

SPI Interface

Supported chip selects2 per TAP
SCK clock rate1 MHz




Boundary-Scan Test

Leverage boundary-scan to test, debug, and verify hardware through all product life cycle phases—from development through production and into the field.

JTAG Embedded Test

Control a microprocessor through the JTAG debug port to run functional tests, without requiring boot code.

In-System Programming (ISP)

Read, erase, program, and verify Flash Memories, serial PROMs, CPLDs, FPGAs, and other programmable devices directly within a circuit or system design.

High Volume Production

Run concurrent tests and ISP on up to four UUTs with ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition.


  • Save time at test stations with high performance JTAG features—up to 70 MHz on all four TAPs for lightning fast test and in-system-programming.

  • Increase programming rate for in-system-programming; the advanced architecture provides persistent scan vector output and extraction, ensuring that throughput remains high at all times.

  • Reduce costs associated with fixtures; the multi-TAP controller connects to up to four TAPs for multi-TAP and or gang operation.

  • Compatible with the complete ScanExpress™ family of boundary-scan, ISP, and JTAG embedded test products.

Software Support ScanExpress Tools

Corelis offers a complete family of boundary-scan test, JTAG embedded test, and in-system programming tools—all fully compatible and with the NetUSB-1149.1/E advanced features.

Ordering Information

Part Number 10337B

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