ScanTAP IsoPod

Complete TAP Signal Isolation for Corelis Boundary-Scan Controllers

Protect your Hardware!

The Corelis ScanTAP IsoPod™ is an add-on accessory that provides a galvanic isolation barrier between the target system and the boundary-scan (JTAG) controller hardware. While the Corelis boundary-scan controllers are highly robust and reliable, the complete electrical isolation helps prevent damage to the controller from harsh electrical environments where over-voltage and over-current can damage components.

This Corelis ScanTAP IsoPod was designed to add an additional layer of protection with minimal cost and effort. Open the box and plug it in; everything just works.


  • 4 kV isolation barrier helps prevent damage to hardware

  • 3.3 V TAP interface

  • Supports JTAG test clock (TCK) frequencies up to 40 MHz

  • Supports I2C and SPI programming speeds up to 1 MHz

  • Compatible with Corelis boundary-scan controllers

  • Compatible with the ScanExpress™ family of boundary-scan and functional test products

  • Standard Corelis 20-pin TAP connectors


Harsh Electrical Environments may damage boundary-scan controllers and test PCs through over-voltage or ESD.

Untested Targets pose the greatest risk for damage to boundary-scan controllers if TAP signals are shorted to power.

Un-keyed TAP Connectors where user error can often result in accidentally driving signals into power or ground.

Ground Potential Mismatches often cause damage due to over-voltage and over-current when connecting components from different systems.

Ground-loops occasionally cause signal integrity issues that are eliminated using digital isolation.

ScanTAP IsoPod

ScanTAP IsoPod
ScanTAP IsoPod

Typical ScanTAP IsoPod Application


  • Prevent time loses due to manufacturing lines and development grinding to a halt when a boundary-scan controller is damaged.

  • Cut costs from repairing test machines, controllers, and targets due to damage.

  • Limit damage to the boundary-scan controller caused by operator error.

  • Simple to use, the ScanTAP IsoPod is functionally transparent so no changes to the hardware test setup are needed.

  • Compatible with all Corelis boundary-scan controllers without the need for custom test cables.

Ordering Information

Part Number 10406

Additional Information:

  • Application Note #09-0106
    Using the ScanTAP IsoPod to Prevent Hardware Damage in Harsh Electrical Environments
  • ScanTAP IsoPod Quick Start Tutorial
  • ScanTAP IsoPod User’s Manual

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