High-Performance USB 2.0 Boundary-Scan Controller

The USB-1149.1/1E High-Speed single-TAP boundary-scan controller is designed for performance, convenience, and value—a powerful, portable USB JTAG instrument for all JTAG applications and life cycle phases.

When we say high-performance, we mean it—the USB-1149.1/1E doesn’t just boast 100 MHz JTAG speeds, it backs it up with Corelis’ proprietary scan control architecture to ensure that boundary-scan tests, JTAG embedded tests, and in-system-programming operations can be run at the fastest possible speeds.

The USB-1149.1/1E controller works with the complete Corelis ScanExpress™ family of software, enabling comprehensive test coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional bed-of-nails testers and without the inconvenience of fixtures.

Why trade speed for convenience, when you can have both?


  • High-performance JTAG controller with I2C and SPI interfaces
  • User programmable JTAG TCK rate up to 100 MHz, SPI SCK rate up to 50 MHz, and I2C SCL rate up to 5 MHz
  • Variable output voltage and configurable input voltage threshold
  • Adjustable signal delay compensation to maximize achievable clock rate
  • Three general purpose I/O channels
  • High-speed bus-powered USB 2.0 interface ideal for the bench and desktop; no external power supply required
  • Scan Function Library software supports Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 operating systems (32-bit and 64-bit)

High Performance, Convenient Package

The Corelis USB-1149.1/1E JTAG controller is fully compliant with the IEEE Standard 1149.1 for test access. The USB-1149.1/1E connects effortlessly between the host PC high-speed USB port and any JTAG-based target system. Integrated SPI and I2C interfaces make the USB-1149.1/1E a highly versatile single-TAP controller and Corelis’ advanced architecture guarantees the highest possible performance.


Scan Function Library

For applications that require a low level interface or integration with third party software, Corelis offers a Scan Function Library (SFL). The SFL is provided as a 32 -bit DLL for Microsoft Windows and provides all functions necessary to operate the JTAG port and send or receive JTAG instructions and data to the target system. Users can incorporate the drivers in their own application software or integrate the SFL with third party systems such as National Instruments LabVIEW, National Instruments TestStand, and Keysight VEE.

USB-1149.1/1E Hardware Specifications


Mechanical Dimensions2.30 inches x 3.25 inches x 0.80 inches
CertificationsRoHS Compliant

USB Interface

USB transfer rateHigh-speed USB 2.0
USB CableShips with a 6 foot USB 2.0 A to B cable

Target Interface

(connects to target)
20-pin (2×10) IDC header (0.100 x 0.100 inches)
3M part no. N3428-5302RB
Recommended TAP Connector
(on target)
20-pin (2×10) IDC receptacle (0.100 x 0.100 inches)
3M part no. 3421-6620
TAP Cable Length20-pin to 10-pin (12”), Corelis P/N 15310-2
20-pin to 16-pin (12”), Corelis P/N 15311-2
20-pin to 20-pin (12”), Corelis P/N 15312-2
(all standard). Other options are available.
Output VoltageProgrammable from 1.25V to 3.30V in 0.05V steps
Threshold VoltageProgrammable from 0.00V to 3.30V in 0.05V steps

JTAG Interface

ComplianceIEEE-1149.1 Compliant Interface
Maximum TCK Clock Rate100 MHz

I2C Interface

Maximum SCL Clock Rate5 MHz

SPI Interface

Supported Chip SelectsUp to 2
Maximum SCK Clock Rate50 MHz



Boundary-Scan Test

Use boundary-scan to test, debug, and verify hardware through all phases of the product life cycle—from development to production to the field.

JTAG Embedded Test

Control a microprocessor through the JTAG debug port to run functional tests, without requiring boot code.

In-System Programming (ISP)

Read, erase, program, and verify Flash Memories, serial PROMs, CPLDs, FPGAs, and other programmable devices directly within a circuit or system design.


  • Save time at test stations with high performance JTAG features—up to 100 MHz for lightning fast test and in-system-programming speeds.

  • Increase system capability by integrating Corelis boundary-scan hardware and software directly into the Teradyne ICT.

  • Reduce costs associated with fixtures; adding boundary-scan test coverage reduces the amount of test points required.

  • Compatible with the complete ScanExpress™ family of boundary-scan, ISP, and JTAG embedded test software.

Software Support ScanExpress Tools

Corelis offers a complete family of boundary-scan test, JTAG embedded test, and in-systemprogramming tools—all fully compatible and with the USB-1149.1/1E advanced features.

Ordering Information

Part Number 10380R

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