Boundary-Scan DIMM Socket Tester

Maximizing test coverage is an important piece in test procedure development. Unfortunately, not all designs have the necessary requirements in place to accommodate boundary-scan test methods on memory devices. ScanDIMM digital socket test modules are designed to overcome such limitations when testing DIMM sockets utilizing boundary-scan test techniques.

ScanDIMM modules provide the capability to instantly turn any DIMM socket into a fully compliant IEEE-1149.1 device. Integration is as simple as assigning the included BSDL file to the reference designator of the target socket and compiling test vectors.

In multi-socket systems, multiple ScanDIMM modules can be linked to provide even greater boundary-scan test depth.


  • Support for DIMM and SODIMM form factors for SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 type memory modules
  • Tests for opens on power and ground pins
  • Each pin is independently controllable for drive, sense, bi-directional, and tri-state operation
  • Keyed connector for voltage compatibility
  • Fully compliant JTAG/IEEE 1149.1 Test Access Port (TAP)
  • Daisy chain up to 8 ScanDIMM modules
  • TAP input and TAP output connectors with auto-detection Up to 25MHz TCK frequency
  • Power on and TAP connection LED indicators
  • JEDEC standard compliant form factors: MO-161, MO-206, MO-224, MO-237D, MO-268C, and MO-269F
  • Multi-layer, low noise PCB construction with ground and power planes
  • BSDL file provided for compatibility with all boundary-scan automatic test pattern generation tools
  • Self-test included for use with ScanExpress Runner™

ScanDIMM digital socket test modules provide an easy-to-use, mechanical and electrical solution for interconnect testing of DIMM sockets. Through the use of boundary-scan technology, ScanDIMM socket testers add fully bi-directional test signals to each socket pin. A boundary-scan Test Access Port (TAP) connects to a host computer which provides virtually unlimited memory depth for testing each of the DIMM socket pins. SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 memory types are supported in several different form factors.




  • Advanced interconnect tests on DIMM sockets
  • Able to detect and diagnose difficult failure modes such as an open clock signal
  • Allows testability on sockets that have not been properly designed for boundary-scan testing


  • Removes the necessity to test all compatible memory sizes and depths for a given system
  • All data, address, control, power, and ground pins are tested
  • Provides pin-point diagnostics when failures occur, even in cases where there are multiple failures
  • Significantly faster and more accurate than functional test methods

Ordering Information

The ScanDIMM product includes:

  • ScanDIMM Module (see table for part numbers)
  • Host Adapter Cable, Corelis P/N 15336
  • TAP-Out to TAP-In daisy-chain cable, 2 inch (50.8mm) long, 10-pin 1:1, Corelis P/N 15337 (not included with SODIMM modules)
  • User’s Manual
  • BSDL file and self-test

Optional Accessories

Additional TAP Adapter Cables (P/N 15336) and 2 inch (50.8mm) 10-Pin 1:1 daisy-chain cables (P/N 15337) can be ordered from Corelis.

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