ScanExpress ADO

Boundary-Scan Advanced Diagnostics Option for ScanExpress Runner

ado 1 - ScanExpress ADO

Being able to quickly pin point faults can provide the difference between a long night at the office or spending time at home with the family.

ScanExpress ADO is designed to take diagnostic guesswork out of the equation. The fully automated analysis option quickly parses test vectors and identifies faults down to the net and pin level.

The seamless integration with ScanExpress Runner and ability to output ScanExpress Viewer fault reports make ScanExpress ADO a must-have tool for any JTAG test system.


  • Quickly identifies bridging faults, opens and stuck-at conditions
  • Clear fault identification down to the net and pin level with proximity diagnostics
  • Seamless integration with ScanExpress Runner
  • Detailed fault report logs
  • Records deterministic and non-deterministic faults
  • Net, pin, and boundary-scan characteristic identification
  • Infrastructure, interconnect, resistor, & external memory test diagnostics
  • Fault reports integrate with ScanExpress Viewer for fault visualization
ado 255x300 - ScanExpress ADO
ado - ScanExpress ADO
ScanExpressFlow icon - ScanExpress ADO


Prototype Development

Engineers can quickly isolate manufacturing defects from real design problems

Production Floor

Generate detailed fault tickets for identification of failed units

Repair Station

Utilize fault tickets with ScanExpress Viewer to provide photographic visual failure analysis

For use with
ScanExpress Runner & Runner Gang:

runner icon 1 - ScanExpress ADO
runner gang 1 - ScanExpress ADO


  • Information is presented in a clear, concise format
  • More detailed fault diagnostics than truth-table display
  • Non-technical users can quickly assess fault causes
  • Spend less time on debug
  • Release prototypes more quickly

Ordering Information

Part Number 20210