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ScanExpress Flash Generator is a tool to quickly create Flash programming files for use with ScanExpress™ software. The application operates as a standalone utility or integrates into ScanExpress TPG for creation and reuse of boundary-scan test files for in-system programming (ISP).

ScanExpress Flash Generator combines a board Netlist, scan chain description, and BSDL files to automatically create Flash Programming Information (FPI) files. These files include all information necessary for ScanExpress Runner™ or ScanExpress Programmer™ execution systems to perform read, write, erase, and verify operations—in-system using high performance Corelis hardware.

ScanExpress Flash Generator - ScanExpress Flash Generato


  • Supports EEPROMs, NOR Flash, NAND Flash, I2C & SPI interfaces, MSP430 microcontrollers, and more
  • Intuitive custom device wizard enables quick and easy device definition for immediate support for new components
  • Multiple device handling facilitates applications involving increased data bus width and address depth
  • Intelligent scan chain optimization determines the minimum set of components and automatically reduces the chain length for increased performance
  • External write strobe control enables faster programming speeds
  • Individual block/sector handling allows Flash memory to be locked after programming or unlocked for reprogramming
  • Compliant with the latest IEEE-1149.x standards
  • Fully compatible with the Corelis ScanExpress™ family of products Works with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
ScanExpress Flash Generator - ScanExpress Flash Generato


Hardware Development

Engineers can quickly develop in-system programming files for system debug and verification.

Production Programming

Manufacturers can combine boundary-scan test and programming to increase throughput.

Field Debug and Repair

Technicians can reprogram Flash devices in-system to restore corrupted data or upgrade firmware.


Save time and effort by performing common programming functions while the target device is installed in-circuit.

Decrease production and test complexity by combining ISP with ScanExpress boundary-scan tests.

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