ScanExpress Merge

System-Level Interconnect Solution For ScanExpress Boundary-Scan Tools

merge 1 - ScanExpress Merge

Combine Multiple Assembly Test Files Corelis ScanExpress Merge, a member of the ScanExpress suite of boundaryscan test tools, is a software application designed to import and join test files for multiple independent assemblies and assist in configuration of a combined test procedure.

Using completed ScanExpress TPG test files and module interconnection data, ScanExpress Merge quickly combines combined test plan files for system testing with minimal user effort.

Now boundary-scan tests can be easily extended to test systems that consist of multiple PCBs, multi-chip modules, or coverage extending IO modules— treating them as a single, combined unit for cohesive, complete, and convenient system-level testing.


  • Automatically combines board-level test projects for use with
    system level test generation
  • Supports all boundary-scan tests including infrastructure, interconnect, buswire, clusters, memories, and Flash
  • Automatically creates connection lists for mated connectors
  • Includes built-in support for Corelis ScanIO™, ScanPCI™, and
    ScanDIMM™ boundary-scan IO modules
  • Intuitive step-by-step wizard simplifies the merge process
  • Integrates with ScanExpress TPG™ for fast and convenient test
    development and generation
  • Compliant to IEEE standards 1149.1 and 1149.6
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10

Graphical User Interface

The ScanExpress Merge software application is fully integrated into the ScanExpress TPG development environment. The ScanExpress Merge interactive Graphical User Interface (GUI) guides the user through the process of entering and configuring assemblies in the merge plan. Once all assembly information has been defined, ScanExpress Merge automatically loads the combined project into ScanExpress TPG for further test development and vector generation.

Graphical User Interface

The ScanExpress Merge software application facilitates combination and generation of boundary-scan test projects for multiple interconnected Units Under Test (UUTs) and external boundary-scan modules. ScanExpress Merge integrates with the ScanExpress TPG test development and generation application to combine test data for multiple assemblies into a single, unified test project.

Multiple Target Assemblies

In a typical application, ScanExpress TPG is used to generate tests for each system board independently. After creating the individual tests, 

Multiple Target Assemblies

ScanExpress Merge combines all test generation files into a single combined file set for testing the complete system, offering increased convenience and additional test coverage. ScanExpress Merge can be used to combine tests for multiple boards connected by a backplane. By combining tests for the individual boards with interconnection definitions for the backplane, ScanExpress Merge can create a single, unified test for the assembled system.

ScanExpress Merge

ScanIO Module Integration

ScanExpress Merge automates the process of developing tests for systems that include connections to DIMM memory sockets, PCI slots, and ScanIO connectors. ScanExpress Merge combines the data of the board and the data of the ScanIO, ScanPCI, and ScanDIMM parallel IO modules into a single set of input files for use with the ScanExpress TPG intelligent test pattern generator software. The process is completely automated to save time—no need to manually describe the connections between the PCB connectors and the modules.

ScanExpress merge 300x159 - ScanExpress Merge
ScanExpressFlow icon - ScanExpress Merge


Hierarchical & Modular Systems

Hierarchical & Modular Systems are tested as individual components or as a whole with the system assembled.

Connector Tests

Connector Tests are easily added to any project with ScanDIMM, ScanPCI, and ScanIO modules to increase boundary-scan test coverage.

Repair Station

Utilize fault tickets with ScanExpress Viewer to provide photographic visual failure analysis

Backplane Testing

Backplane Testing is simplified with simple test preparation and automatic mating list generation.

Multi-chip Modules (MCM)

Multi-chip Modules (MCM) can be defined by their internal components, allowing boundaryscan testing System-on-a-Chip (SoC), System-in-a-Package (SIP), and other intra-IC interconnect technologies.


  • Test multiple sub-assemblies with a single test plan for increased test coverage and convenience
  • Increase overall test coverage to include connectors between system assemblies
  • Painless integration of additional boundary-scan IO modules for expanded test coverage
  • Compatible with the ScanExpress TPG Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for automatic development and generation

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