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Boundary-Scan Test Executive

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Efficiency in engineering means managing your most precious resources: time and effort. Automated testing is essential and boundary-scan is a critical component; no other structural test system provides the same value.

When down to the wire, your boundary-scan test system needs to be built both for ease-of-use and reliability; a robust and powerful mechanism to ensure that no matter the state of production, all boundary-scan tests can be quickly and faithfully executed to maintain forward momentum.

ScanExpress Runner™ is a fully featured JTAG test executive; a modern software application that provides the capabilities and options necessary to ensure a smooth and complete testing process. With visual, one-touch execution of ScanExpress test sequences and interface support for all major test platforms, ScanExpress Runner stands proud as the reliable daily workhorse of the ScanExpress software family.


  • Built-in test sequencer that automatically and dynamically executes independent
    test steps
  • Intelligent fault detection and isolation to the net and pin level
  • Truth Table Diagnostics with pattern and waveform views
  • Integrated test debugger with breakpoints, looping, and single-stepping
  • User-programmable general purpose input/output (GPIO) signal control
  • Integrated test debugger with breakpoints, looping, and single-stepping
  • Built-in analytics data collection with chart and graph display
  • In-System-Programming (ISP) of CPLDs, flash, and serial EEPROM devices
  • Executes JTAG Embedded Test (JET) steps for extended test coverage and
    embedded functional testing
  • Interfaces with LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Keysight VEE, Visual Basic, and other
    third-party test executives
  • Supports Corelis high-performance JTAG controllers
  • Compatible with the complete Corelis ScanExpress family of products
  • Works with Microsoft Windows

The ScanExpress Runner™ test executive enables execution of IEEE-1149.1 & IEEE-1149.6 (JTAG) boundary-scan tests with an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and advanced test execution features. Runner comes standard with Basic Diagnostic (BDO) functionality and can be enhanced with the optional Advanced Diagnostics (ADO) module for detailed pin and net level diagnostics.

ScanExpress Runner

Combined Structural and Functional Test

ScanExpress Runner can be utilized to run both boundary-scan structural test steps generated by ScanExpress TPG™ and functional tests created by ScanExpress JET™, enabling a holistic approach to JTAG-based non-intrusive test. Whether on the desktop, test bench, or in the field, a complete JTAG test strategy can be achieved with just a host PC, Corelis JTAG controller, and ScanExpress Runner execution software1.

Third Party Application Support

In addition to the intuitive operator interface, ScanExpress Runner includes a third party application interface consisting of DLLs, command-line functions, and LabVIEW virtual instrument drivers. ScanExpress Runner integrates easily and conveniently into off-the-shelf test executive solutions and custom, in-house software solutions alike.

Data Analytics

ScanExpress Runner can record test analytics—including test results, diagnostics, metrics, and more in a centralized database. Data can be exported or filtered and displayed with an included chart generator.

Features include:

  • Integrated test plan data collection including individual test execution time, test plan information, individual test step results and diagnostics, and more.
  • Data filtering and export for integration with other data systems.
  • Chart generation, display, and export.

Test File Formats

ScanExpress Runner supports execution of test step files created by Corelis’ own boundary-scan tools as well as test step formats created third party vector generators for JTAG testing and in-system-programming.

Supported test step file formats include:

Compact Vector Format (CVF)
ScanExpress TPG™ generated test step files for world-class boundary-scan testing.

JTAG Embedded Test (JET)
ScanExpress JET™ test step files for JTAG-based functional tests using embedded CPUs.

Flash Programming Information (FPI)
ScanExpress Flash Generator™ files for Flash and EEPROM in-system programming.

Serial Vector Format (SVF) & Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL)
Standard vector files for FPGA, CPLD, and microcontroller programming.

Extensible Test Format (ETF)
Script-based test steps for utility functions and interfacing with third party command-line applications.

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Hardware Development

Use boundary-scan to test, debug, and verify prototype hardware, then reuse the same tests for full-scale production.

Hardware Production

The graphical user interface is both straightforward and powerful, enabling execution of complete tests with the click of a button.

Service & Repair

Re-use the same tests from development and production to reduce troubleshooting and repair times.


  • Enables boundary-scan test, in-system programming, and JET functional test
  • Increases yields and decreases test time
  • Helps reduce ICT usage and related fixture costs

  • Speeds test, diagnosis, and repair of faulty circuit boards

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