Boundary-Scan Scripting

JTAG/Boundary-Scan Scripting

A Feature of ScanExpress TPG™

Sometimes static test vectors aren’t enough—tests must be adaptive to accommodate specific conditions and applications. Boundary-scan scripting brings a new level of test customization to ScanExpress tools, offering an open canvas for users to create custom tests tailored to specific applications.

With boundary-scan scripting, users can automate test scenarios with functions to control boundary-scan pins, access proprietary in-system-programmable components, or call third party applications—all within a ScanExpress Runner test step.

Seasoned programmers and novices alike will find the c-style syntax and integrated debugging environment make script test development a snap.


  • Powerful, easy-to-use C-style scripting syntax with simplified variables and support for branching and looping.
  • Integrated script debugger with color-coding, breakpoints, single-step, variable watch window, and output console.
  • Dedicated functions for boundary-scan control, data and file manipulation, controller I/O features, session information, and more.
  • Debug and generation support is included with the ScanExpress TPG test development software.
  • Generated script test steps are fully compatible with the ScanExpress Runner™ boundary-scan test executive.
ScanExpress TPG - Boundary-Scan Scripting
The ScanExpress Preparation Windows with Topology Viewer

Boundary-scan Scripting is a feature of ScanExpress TPG that includes a full featured scripting language, code debugger, and execution capability. The scripting language is based on C and will be familiar to many users. Example scripts demonstrating common applications are included with ScanExpress tools to help users get up and running quickly.

Completed scripts are compiled using the ScanExpress TPG generator and can be executed within the debugger or using the ScanExpress Runner test executive. Script test steps can control boundary-scan I/O, scan the JTAG chain, access controller I/O, process data, and even manipulate data files or execute external programs.

ScanExpress TPG Generation - Boundary-Scan Scripting
The ScanExpress TPG Generation Window
Boundary Scan Scripting - Boundary-Scan Scripting
ScanExpressFlow icon - Boundary-Scan Scripting


Custom Component Test & Verification

Create custom boundary-scan tests for accessible components such as EEPROMs, UARTs, DAC/ADCs, RTCs and more.

Test Data Management

Create, access, modify, and print data from files on the fly during test execution.

Third Party Applications Integration

Call third party executable files from within a script to extend the capabilities of any ScanExpress test plan.

Proprietary Protocols

Use raw JTAG scans or boundary-scan IOs to access additional component features and custom protocols.


  • Add test coverage with custom boundary-scan tests. Script test steps are ideal for structural and functional testing of logic components.
  • Increase integration by utilizing functions to call third party applications, process data, and read or write to files.
  • Compatible with Corelis JTAG controllers and the complete Corelis ScanExpress™ family of test products.

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