ScanExpress Viewer

Visual Fault Diagnostics and Repair System

ScanExpress Viewer

A picture is worth a thousand words.

ScanExpress Viewer™ is a printed circuit board (PCB) CAD data & photograph visualization tool for boundary-scan test development, electronic manufacturing test, and product repair environments.

When combined with ScanExpress ADO™ (Advanced Diagnostics Option) for detailed results from ScanExpress Runner™, ScanExpress Viewer displays fault coordinates and connected traces superimposed directly on a board photograph or CAD layout diagram for expedient repair.

No more searching for coordinates or hunting through layout files— ScanExpress Viewer shows exactly where to find faults, even those hidden underneath components.


  • Visualization of PCB assembly faults with CAD data superimposed on a photograph
  • Failure list identifies fault types such as stuck at, open, or short
  • Filtering to display or hide components, through-holes, vias, traces, & pads
  • Intuitive controls for zoom, pan, and auto-center functions
  • Operates as a standalone PCB viewer or integrates with ScanExpress Runner for
    visual analysis of fault diagnostics
  • Integrated wizard assists with photograph calibration and alignment
  • Fully compatible with the Corelis ScanExpress™ family of products
  • Works with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10
ScanExpress Viewer
ScanExpress Viewer
ScanExpress Viewer



Debug and visualize prototype hardware faults, even on component pins with no physical access.


Pinpoint manufacturing defects for expedient diagnosis & repair.

Service & Repair

Instantly identify and locate failures on returned PCBs or in the field using powerful JTAG tools.


Save time and effort at the repair station by visually identifying probable fault.

Decrease expertise requirements with easy-to-read, graphical fault indicators based on advanced boundary-scan diagnostics.

Ordering Information

Part Number 20315