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Whitepaper: Using JTAG Emulation for Board-Level Functional Test

Functional test for electronic systems presents costly and time-consuming challenges; most functional tests need to be customized for each design, limiting re-usability. Software engineers are so busy with production code that test code becomes an afterthought and functional test diagnostics are often crude or non-existent.

ScanExpress JET utilizes Corelis’ proprietary JTAG Embedded Test (JET) technology to leverage a microprocessor’s JTAG debug port to download and control native processor code for at-speed functional testing of the Unit Under Test (UUT), freeing up software developers and adding re-usability to JTAG-based functional test. ScanExpress JET enables additional, re-usable full-speed test coverage for non-JTAG components and fast in-system-programming (ISP) of flash memories devices.

Download the whitepaper to learn about how ScanExpress JET can increase test coverage and in-system-programming speed for processor-based electronic systems.

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