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Scorpion Technologies and Corelis combine the FlyingScorpion with Boundary-Scan to produce a test solution with complete test coverage and high-speed in-system programming

Utilizing the benefits of both the FlyingScorpion and Boundary-Scan,
test procedures can be created in a minimal time frame
that provide full test coverage of an entire board assembly.

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ScorpionPic - Scorpion Technologies and Corelis combine the FlyingScorpion with Boundary-Scan to produce a test solution with complete test coverage and high-speed in-system programmingCerritos, CA, June 9, 2003 — Scorpion Technologies, Inc. and Corelis Inc., recently integrated the Scorpion Technologies Flying Probe with the Corelis ScanPlus Boundary-Scan tools, producing a unified test system. By integrating the Flying Probe with Boundary-Scan, a test methodology is created that allows for the comprehensive testing of board assemblies that include analog, digital, and mixed-signal subsections, along with providing full test coverage of inaccessible pins in package types such as BGAs. The integrated solution also allows in-system programming of CPLDs and Flash Memories.

The integration of the Scorpion Technologies FlyingScorpion with the Corelis ScanPlus Boundary-Scan tools is performed via an intuitive software interface that allows for the inclusion of complete Boundary-Scan test, CPLD and Flash programming steps by simply including the proper icon into a test program. Faults that are detected by the Boundary-Scan portion of the test are clearly displayed, providing fault-diagnostics down to the net and pin level.

“We’re very excited about this opportunity to work together with Corelis to provide test engineers with a unified test methodology. By combining the Flying Probe with Boundary-Scan, we are now able to support the testing and in-system programming of extremely large, dense, and complex board assemblies containing IC package types that were previously inaccessible to the FlyingScorpion” said Clayton Depue, President of Scorpion North America.

“Scorpion has acquired an excellent reputation in providing high quality test systems including their unique double sided moving probe test system. Now, Corelis Boundary-Scan customers can reuse in production, the Boundary-Scan test vectors that were created in the lab, using the FlyingScorpion and extend the test coverage to digital portions of the board with no test access”, said Jim Rodgers, Technical Marketing Manager at Corelis Inc., “The combined test methodologies of the FlyingScorpion and Boundary-Scan, allow for flexible and extensive test procedures to be produced within a very limited time frame and at a substantially reduced cost as compared with fixture based testing”.

Boundary-Scan is an embedded IC technology for in-system programming and testing of digital circuit boards and components that have been standardized as IEEE Std 1149.1.  Corelis’ ScanPlus Boundary-Scan tools include hardware and software products offering exceptional ease-of-use combined with advanced technical innovation. Boundary-Scan operates as the perfect companion to the FlyingScorpion.

About Scorpion

Scorpion Technologies specializes in the use of patented technologies to solve testing problems that could not be addressed by other systems. Scorpion has produced a new generation of flying probe systems, specifically developed to test complex boards in prototype and small to medium sized production batches.

About Corelis

Corelis Inc., offers a broad line of Boundary-Scan software and hardware products for interconnect testing, in-system programming of Flash memories, CPLDs, FPGAs, JTAG emulation and debugging. It includes a full range of IEEE Std 1149.1 Boundary-Scan testers for the ISA, PCI, PCMCIA, LAN, USB, cPCI/PXI and VXI busses. Corelis also provides various engineering services and is well known for its outstanding customer support.

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