On-site Training Classes and Support

Corelis recognizes that travel budgets are tight and sending large groups of employees for training can be expensive, even when the training is free. Corelis instructors are available for on-site training at a customer’s facility. Corelis is able to provide the same three-day training class that includes a boundary-scan tutorial and hands-on lab exercises using Corelis ScanExpress hardware and software. Customers also have the option to custom tailor the training class to meet their specific requirements. On-site training requires a minimum class size of four.

The training includes a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises using actual hardware to provide you with an overview of ScanExpress test and ISP features and to have you run your own developed test procedures.

What will you be able to do upon completion of the class?

Upon completion of the training you will be able to correctly implement boundary-scan DFT and ISP facilities into your new designs. You will also be able to develop boundary-scan test procedures on your own as well as in-system programming files for CPLDs and Flash memories.

Topics covered in the class include:

  • Introduction to boundary-scan
  • Design for boundary-scan testability Guidelines
  • Design for boundary-scan In-System Programming Strategy
  • Test generation and testing methods for boundary-scan-based designs
  • Test program generation methodology
  • Test program execution plan
  • Test program interactive debugging concepts
  • At-speed embedded functional testing using an on-board JTAG-based CPU
  • In-system programming of CPLDs and Flash memories tutorial
  • Hands-on individual lab exercises using real units under test (UUTs) that will teach you:
  • How to generate and execute interconnect tests
  • How to test memory interconnects
  • How to test logic clusters
  • How to use an embedded processor’s JTAG port for embedded functional testing
  • How to program CPLDs and Flash memories in circuit
  • How to troubleshoot a test procedure

You will become familiar with the entire Corelis ScanExpress product family, including:

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