Test access limitations in modern systems have made it increasingly difficult to probe and troubleshoot electronic system prototypes—dense circuit boards with ball-grid-array (BGA) components include signals with no physical access points, limiting the usefulness of external equipment. Bringing up a board prototype during new product introduction (NPI) has never been more difficult. Corelis products provide the means to non-intrusively test systems with limited access, providing electronic hardware engineers with the tools they need to develop and debug prototypes.

Software and firmware engineers also benefit: since Corelis boundary-scan and JTAG embedded tools run directly on the hardware, system tests can be deployed before firmware and software are even ready, providing confidence in the hardware and ensuring a solid base for software development.

Development and Debug

For added value, Corelis ScanExpress tools are designed to be used throughout the product life-cycle; the same tests used for product development and debug to be migrated and re-used for manufacturing test, repair/rework stations, and even field test and repair.

Recommended Products

Designed to be used throughout the product life-cycle, ScanExpress tools are a great way to test and debug systems under development.

Get started with our basic JTAG package—visualize and control IC pins, create and execute test scripts, and more.

Corelis bus analyzers and exercisers are a great way to validate your I2C and SPI data buses.

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