Corelis hardware is designed to be convenient and portable—a USB-based JTAG controller and laptop offer the ultimate portable test station. Systems with a USB port for field access can also be designed to allow USB-to-JTAG access, further reducing the amount of equipment required by field technicians and allowing Corelis tests and in-system-programming operations to be run with just a laptop and USB cable.

Because Corelis tools are designed to be used in all phases of the product life-cycle, service technicians or repair depots can run hardware confidence tests and reprogram components using the same procedures developed for hardware manufacturing, further increasing the return-on-investment.

Field Service

Recommended Products

Upgrade firmware in-system through the JTAG, SPI, or I2C port.

Execute JTAG tests to find defects that develop over time in the field.

Troubleshoot serial bus problems with a powerful toolkit of debug and analysis software.

Field Service

Corelis products can be used in all aspects of the product life cycle, from design to field service.