Detecting faults early with accurate diagnostics is key to maintaining a high quality, rapid production line. The versatility of boundary-scan allows signals to be controlled and observed independently of the system logic, for quick and easy functional testing of logic components as soon as the system can be powered up—no additional software required. Tests for logic clusters can be created using simple data vectors, or a powerful C-based scripting language can be used for advanced sequences.

In addition to boundary-scan testing, JTAG embedded test (JET) provides a convenient and cost-effective method for functionally testing and diagnosing embedded systems on first power-up without waiting for the system to boot—JET takes direct control microprocessors on embedded systems, providing a platform for functional testing without an operating system.

Functional Test

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Utilize boundary-scan to automate control and observation of system signals for functional testing.

Program and verify flash memory at system speed using the power of your embedded CPU.

Develop comprehensive tests to exercise and observe system serial buses.

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