1. Introduction.

Products reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons. These reasons may be due to market demands, technology innovation and development driving changes in the product or the products simply mature over time and are replaced by functionally superior technology. While this is an established part of the overall product life cycle, Corelis recognizes that End of Life milestones often prompt companies to review the way in which such End of Sale (EOS) and End of Life (EOL) milestones impact the Corelis products in their applications. With that in mind, we have set out below Corelis’ EOL policy to help customers better manage their EOL transition and to understand the role that Corelis can play in helping to migrate to alternative Corelis technology.

2. Definitions.

  • End of Life (EOL) Cycle. A process that guides the final business operations associated with the product life cycle. The End of Life process consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product obsolete. Once obsolete, the product is not sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, maintained, or supported.
  • End of Sale (EOS) Date. The last date to order the product. The product is no longer for sale. Corelis will disseminate an EOS notice six (6) months prior to the EOS date.
  • End of Life (EOL) Date. The last date that Corelis will provide support to the product(s) for which an EOS notice has been released. The EOL date is twelve (12) months from the EOS date. Emergency recovery and/or upgrades may be performed in accordance with customer specific service plans or upgrade agreements as negotiated prior to EOS.
  • Software Maintenance Support. The time period that Corelis may release any software maintenance releases or bug fixes to the software product. Software maintenance support will terminate on the End of Life date. After this date, Corelis will no longer develop, repair, maintain, or test the product software.

3. This End of Life Policy only applies to End of Life (EOL) and End of Sale (EOS) announcements made on or after 1 January 2010 for all Corelis product lines.

General policy guidelines follow:

  • Corelis will provide six (6) months’ notice of the affected product’s End of Sale date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered. This notice will appear on the Corelis web site and we encourage you to visit this site regularly as it contains useful information regarding Corelis’ End of Life program.
  • Access to Corelis’ customer support center will be available for a period of one (1) year from the EOS date for both software and hardware.
  • Spares or replacement parts for hardware will be available for a period of one (1) year from the EOS date. We will provide spares and replacement parts in accordance with our Return Materials Authorization (RMA) process.
  • Software support will be for one (1) year following the EOS date. We will provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, work-arounds, or patches for critical bugs reported via the Corelis support channels. It may be necessary to use a software upgrade release to correct a reported problem.
  • Ensure that you have a current maintenance support contract with Corelis. Please contact your sales representative regarding fees payable during the EOL period so that we can support you throughout the transition period.
  • Below are the guidelines that should be followed to ensure that you receive effective support for the affected products:
    • For software that is not covered under a maintenance contract, you may add the product(s) to a current contract or purchase a new contract until 6 months after the EOS date.
    • Software maintenance contracts that have not been renewed or have lapsed after 6 months of EOS date are not renewable.
    • Renewal of a software maintenance contract will generally be available until the last year of support, but will not extend beyond the EOL date.
End of Life Notices
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