Why subscribe to Corelis Support Services?

Corelis Support Services are a cost-effective way to ensure that your developers and test engineers maximize their productivity with your investment in Corelis tools to reduce time to market and improve product quality. Here are some common benefits our customers experience with Corelis Support Services:

  • Real-time help setting up and installing Corelis tools. (Our user manuals are great but sometimes it helps to have someone to talk to).
  • Technical assistance to quickly resolve tricky test generation issues while integrating test vectors with units under test (UUT).
  • Assistance to resolve board problems found by boundary scan tools.
  • Easy access to BSDL, DEV, MIF, CIF, and LIB libraries as well as access to specialized test files (JAM, STAPL, flash data, etc.).
  • Prompt assistance in the analysis and possible repair of faulty BSDL files.

What other benefits do you receive from Corelis Support Services?

Access to the latest Corelis software updates.

At various points throughout the year Corelis updates its existing software products to incorporate new features, improve functionality and enhance product reliability. As a subscriber to Corelis Support Services you will have access to these valuable updates through the secure Corelis Support Services web site. These updates further enhance the ability of our customers to shorten development cycles and reduce their time to market. All software releases are subjected to rigorous regression testing to ensure complete compatibility with prior software releases. Subscribers are also provided no-charge access to our growing archive of boundary-scan test development files including BSDL, MIF and DEV files. This makes dollars and sense to our customers who are choosing to invest in Corelis tools.

World-class technical support via telephone and e-mail.

No company in our industry provides better customer support than Corelis. Our technical support team is responsive and professional in resolving technical issues and helping you keep your development and test efforts on schedule. Recent customer surveys cited “superior customer service” and technical support that goes “above and beyond” expectations as reasons why customers purchase tools from Corelis and subscribe to Corelis Support Services. There is no question too big or too small for our experienced and dedicated Customer Support staff to handle.

Access to the latest technical information about Corelis products.

We are constantly helping customers integrate Corelis tools into their development and test environments. Along the way we encounter many unique circumstances and requirements that could apply to many other customers. We think it is important to share our experience with all of our customers. This technical information, as well as detailed application notes, is continuously updated on the Corelis Support Services website and is available for no extra charge to Corelis Support Services subscribers.

How can you subscribe to Corelis Support Services?

Corelis offers a variety of subscription options for Support Services ranging from single-user subscriptions to site licenses. To learn more information about Corelis Support Services and to receive a quote for your subscription, please contact Corelis Sales at [email protected].