TI AM335x ARM CortexT-A8 CPU Support for JET (JTAG Embedded Test)

For ScanExpress JET

The next release of ScanExpress JET includes a new CPU support package for Texas Instruments AM335x (ARM Cortex-A8) Sitara CPUs.

The AM335x CPU support package includes auto-generated tests for the CPU and common peripherals, featuring:

  • CPU Initialization
  • NOR & NAND Flash
  • I2C Discovery
  • UART Loopback
  • Ethernet Loopback
  • Power Management IC (PMIC)

In addition to the automatically generated tests, ScanExpress JET provides a framework for creating customized tests through the scripting language or by loading compiled code through JTAG.

Learn more at our CPU Support for TI AM335x information page.

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