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ScanExpress Software Installation

The product installers available below may be used to install or upgrade ScanExpress Tools.

FileVersionRelease Date
ScanExpress Applications

ScanExpress-Tools-Setup-10_6_2.exe (205 MB)
Release Notes

Included Applications:

ScanExpress Debugger v6.22.2 User’s Manual
ScanExpress DFT Analyzer v2.19.0 User’s Manual
ScanExpress Flash Generator v3.24.0 User’s Manual
ScanExpress Programmer v1.38.2 User’s Manual
ScanExpress Runner v6.42.2 User’s Manual
ScanExpress Runner Gang 4.73.2
ScanExpress TPG/Merge/JET v2.37.2 User’s Manual
ScanExpress Viewer v2.20.0 User’s Manual
ScanExpress CD Contents (678 MB)
The zip archive file contains:
– ScanExpress Application Installer
– ScanExpress Tools Installation and Licensing Manual
– Application Notes and User’s Manuals
– License Server installation files
– Adobe Reader
– Additional ScanExpress Runner applications
– Controller firmware files

10.6.2December 7, 2023
ScanExpress Runner Gang Edition

ScanExpress-Runner-Gang-Setup-4_73_2.exe (49 MB)

4.73.2December 7, 2023

Additional Files

We maintain a library of model files, example scripts, and application notes to help you get the most out of ScanExpress software.